1. IGotTheMeats

    Gaming [PS4] Looking for a Minecraft Collab

    I am looking for someone to record Minecraft on the PS4 with. I was hoping to do a survival series, and Ideally would like to have someone, or multiple other people to work with. Requirements: -Have a PS4 and Minecraft -Preferably be at least 15 years old -Have a mic for chat -Be nice...
  2. P

    I got over 600 subs

    My subs are slowly rising but hustling to hit my next milestone of 1000.
  3. creationsbys

    How to;Ocean Waves Bracelet

    Hello everyone, we present you tutorial of;How to create "Ocean Waves"Paracord bracelet. It's the first one of it's kind,because there is no such type of weaving pattern.
  4. JustCallMeCass

    Help ! Really need honest reviews on my Lifestyle channel

    Hey everyone ! I am loving creating content and putting up videos two times a week ! I would love if anyone could take a quick look at any of my later videos and let me know how I can improve ? I am saving up for a new camera so the quality can improve. Will consistency get me to where I want...
  5. Sebjim Playz

    Gaming Minecraft, Battlefront, Overwatch collab

    Hi! My name is Sebjim Playz! I'm looking to collab with someone! If you are interested, I'd prefer we play Minecraft, (PC or PS4), or Star Wars Battlefront (PS4). *IMPORTANT- I'd also prefer you are in between the ages of 11-14, have at least 20 subscribers, and live somewhere on or near the...
  6. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    DIY Crafts: Phone Case Cheese Sandwich

    Add this phone case to your diy crafts collection! It is cute and modern phone case and looks like a cheese sandwich. Watch how to make it:
  7. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    DIY Crafts: How to Make Sheep's Family

    For your diy crafts: watch how to make cute sheep's family from the cotton and styrofoam balls:
  8. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    Other DIY Crafts Channel is Looking for Collaboration

    Hello! I have a craft channel with almost 40,000 subs and looking for creative people who work as hard as me to increase our numbers of views and subscribers. English is my second language and I am not talking in my videos, so cross promotion or any other ways would be great. New friends...
  9. Porcelainparasite

    Other Seeking 100+ sub channels for unique collaborations

    Hey everyone! I currently run two youtube channels, one with 25 subs and the other with 114. On the first I do vlogs and gaming content and on the other I do art, crafting, thrifting, and collecting videos. I would love to collaborate with anyone in a similar subscriber range on either of my...
  10. EzyCraft

    Other Craft DIY channel looking to collab

    Hi there, I am the host of the youtube channel EzyCraft. My channel mainly focuses on cards, paper crafts and decor. I am looking to establish a collaborative idea with another DIY crafter who is interested in making videos together, mentioning each other in collaboration, or featuring each...
  11. Dion Krit

    Gaming Looking For Collab Partners To Play Pc Games With

    Hey guys my name is Dion and i am 14 i have 61 subs now don't be shy try to be confident Looking For Small YouTube Collab Partners Sorry but no Squeakers ;) I have 61 subs on my YT because i didn't post much but now im pumped and ready to collab and really get the ball rolling with my YT Gaming...