1. BestNerdLife

    Second-hand Haul! [Episode #1] Cutie Car Booty

    Anyone other nerds really really like going to car boot sale and thrift/charity shops? If you do then you should check out my video about what I bought at a recent car boot sale near me!
  2. BzTv


    COME THRIFT WITH ME...I'm back with thrifting and tons panic and anxiety about filming in public!! I found some other gifts and unique things that I was in need for!! Hit that like button and Don't forget to join my journey by SUBSCRIBING!! Love you all!
  3. Porcelainparasite

    Other Seeking 100+ sub channels for unique collaborations

    Hey everyone! I currently run two youtube channels, one with 25 subs and the other with 114. On the first I do vlogs and gaming content and on the other I do art, crafting, thrifting, and collecting videos. I would love to collaborate with anyone in a similar subscriber range on either of my...