Art Video Ideas


I thought about becoming an art youtuber that tells stories through drawing! I'm completely at a loss though, what should I make for my very first video? I could do an about me, but I feel that's too typical. Any ideas?
If not, send me a question you'd like me to answer!
That's a cool idea! I'd recommend something simple for the first video so you can test the waters. Maybe choose a subject that you're passionate about and explain why you think it's so great. It doesn't have to be long, and you would be able to use the drawings to illustrate/emphasize your thoughts. Obviously you don't want to go on and on, since I know drawing takes a lot of time and you don't want to burn yourself out after just one video, so keeping it brief is essential.

Good luck!
I think you should just get right into the swing of your channel with a story video. If you ever think of an idea, just write it down. Than, when you're looking for video ideas, pick the one that you feel like doing the most. Good luck with your channel, already hyped to see that first video!