1. TeraVex

    (House) Fallout! - TeraVex

    Hey y'all! Got a new track here! It was partially inspired by Super Monkey Ball! Enjoy!
  2. OAbeats

    Services 50+ FREE Beats, Instrumentals GIVEAWAY for Artists, Vloggers

    I give over 50+ FREE beats, instrumentals, soundtracks - No Copyright Music FREE FOR: ARTISTS, MOVIES, VLOGGERS, COMMERCIALS & OTHERS... Just search through my channel for no copyright music. 1.FREE DOWNLOAD PLAYLIST | Instant Delivery (search the playlists on my channel) 2.ENJOY With love, OA...
  3. eryn

    Art Video Ideas

    I thought about becoming an art youtuber that tells stories through drawing! I'm completely at a loss though, what should I make for my very first video? I could do an about me, but I feel that's too typical. Any ideas? If not, send me a question you'd like me to answer!
  4. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Dirch Passer

    The new bronze statue of Dirch Passer at Revymuseet in Frederiksberg. Location: Allegade 5, 2000 Frederiksberg. Also near: Frederiksberg Alle, Pile Alle, Frederiksberg Runddel and Storm P. Museet.
  5. Ucanuke2017

    Meet Up/Gathering Any YouTubers in Chicago area?

    im a YouTube in the Chicago area looking to meet up and even collaborate with other YouTubers. I specifically teach music on my channel, “U CAN UKE” (80k+ subs), so any YouTubers that play or sing music would be a plus. But I’m here just to connect with other creators. Let’s meet!
  6. Pierre Maynard

    FIFA 18 Northampton Town Career Mode EP1 | APPOINTMENT

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since i have made a FIFA video but i decided to do mostly Music, and Gaming on my channel since i like both! :) Let me know what you think of this episode? What players you would like me to buy? and if this video needs improving a little? :D Thanks in...
  7. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Become a Member of the First Order

    Okay now I'm going to keep this shorter and sweeter then my social media staff would like me to. In this group you don't have to stay if you don't want to and that we do not make you upload on a group channel. (Groups like that are just trying to benefit from you not help you). Who are we and...
  8. O

    YouTube Artist Music account

    Hello, I have one music video and an album distributed via CD Baby. Google support section claims this is all I need to be a verified YouTube music artist yet I'm not seeing my albums listed when I search my name on YouTube. Anyone know what's wrong?
  9. Kindrrr

    Piece of Ice - first song estimate!

  10. Inivlog

    Vlog Far-distance collab with some crispy VFX!!

    Hi there! I run a channel by the name Inivlog and I like to make videos with more complex visual effects and comedic assets. Everything from special effects and 3d motion graphics to animating and compositing. Examples are shown in the GIF below :D If someone's up for a long-distance...
  11. Suprex

    Request Need a good GFX Artist to help me please, ASAP!

    I need someone to make me a screen that says " Stick Fight" pretty much how it is in the game, bent and 3D text. If you can help me I'd really appreciate it.. i need it by the 14th. Thanks! This is for FREE. discord Suprex#9646 or just reply with your email please and thanks again!
  12. Mastertv

    Animation Any animator willing to grow with me?

    I am a very passionate artist in many aspects looking for people to help them grow and vice versa. Please. if you want to collab contact me. You wont regret it. Cheers.
  13. HeidiVids

    Request Looking for music!

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for indie/acoustic/pop songs to use for my outro. I will give you credit in the description. I thought instead of using my standard vlog music over and over, I could give some exposure to smaller artists. Email me at if you are interested!
  14. Rozcoe

    Animation In need of Artists

    Hey guys my name is Rozcoe. I am creating my very own animated web series on YouTube. I already have a team for scripts and musicians working on the soundtrack. What I am looking for is concept artists and background artists. I'm not just looking for professionals, so if you're somewhat good...
  15. Whitesand

    Music Composer Looking For Collabs!

    Hi There, My name is Martynas and I make music. My channel is offering copyright-free content for people to use in their work. I make cinematic, Instrumental, piano, guitar, soundtrack type of tracks that usually fits into Motivational, Inspirational, Emotional type of music. On top of that...
  16. Buck

    Request Looking for cartoon/comic artist for YT banner and Avatar. (paid)

    Hi There, I am looking to sort of brand my channel a little bit. I am aiming to find a comic/cartoon style artist to draw a few cartoon/comic images of me so I can work them into my avatar and YouTube Banner. If you are interested let me know and show me previous work, I will get back to...
  17. Sydney Lee

    I hit a milestone!

    Hey everyone! I reached 20,000 VIEWS! So exciting :D I posted a new video last night and it helped me hit 20,000! I actively started about 2 months ago. I have about 290 subscribers. The sub number has been going up and down for a couple of weeks so I think hitting 300 will actually be more...
  18. ExEx

    Music Instrumental Cover Wanted

    Heyo, I'm in need of an instrumental cover artist. I have a Youtube channel of over 95,000 subscribers holding 55 million views. The artist wanting to work with me to provide an instrumental cover would be credited for their work. Catch me on twitter: @TheOrigiExtreme Cheers!
  19. artslee

    I got 99 Problems, but being an artist ain't one - Our take on Artist Problems

    Check out our take on "artist problems." But hey, no matter what profession you take on there will be problems.
  20. aromamob

    Music Looking for collabs

    Hi, everyone! This is my first time and post on this forum. I am a young producer, rapper, and songwriter. I try to make a name in this industry, but it is kinda hard. My youtube channel has loads of beats, (the newest ones are the best) and some songs from my mixtapes that I produced, wrote and...
  21. Playtime toy unboxing

    Copyright violation no idea why! Please help.

    Hey everyone. I just got a notification from YouTube : Dear Playtime Toy Unboxing PTU Disney Toys Barbie Dolls, Your video Adele Send My Love - AMAZING ⭐ 5yo Singing by Kyla - Kids Sing Songs for The Ellen Show may have content that is owned or licensed by Kobalt Music Publishing and UMPG...
  22. G

    Music Looking For Collabs :)

    I usually cover pop music (typically top 40's) Feel free to check out my channel and if you're interested, please feel free to leave a comment or dm me on instagram: @gionacho :) I'm thinking we could cross promote (you ask your subscribers to check me out and vice versa), so it's a win win for...
  23. RyanSoanes

    Vocals Cover Artist (Feedback please) <3

    Hello everyone, My name is Ryan, I sing and produce covers for my YouTube channel. I will keep it simple as I don't want to bore anyone... I am looking for positive and negative feedback on the video I linked, this is the sort of thing I will be regularly putting on my page now as my page was...
  24. itsaquagemini

    Have you heard of ArtSnacks?

    If not, it's totally awesome! It's a subscription art box and the stuff you get is pretty sweet. I have a video for one of them up on my channel if you're interested :D I encourage any artist whether beginner or expert to check them out:
  25. BubbleJunk

    Your intros and outros

    Does anyone know of a channel or person who makes great short bits of music? I want to start looking for intro and outro pieces! Or did you make your own?
  26. C

    Finished/Closed Hey guys I can make you FREE graphics!!!

    -Here is some of my work there is moreinformation under the graphics: Hey guys my name is CubuZi and if you have problem of finding a cheap of free graphic designer i can help you with that.I can make you free: -gaming banners -simple 2d banners -minecraft banners -gaming thumbnails...
  27. KingSpicy!


    Hello there ppl, I need an artist who can draw me some cartoon-styled body shots of me with different facial expressions. Hopefully there's an artist out there who can do some for me for FREE, so if any of you are willing to help me out, LET ME KNOW PLEASE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!
  28. Pierre Maynard

    Bright eyes - Lua Cover song

    So my friend told me about this competition that involves Life is strange, :D and i had to do a cover of a Life is strange soundtrack from one of the playlists and i chose this one! Let me know what you guys think of this video, and which was your favorite part :) @Selim Keles @Vicboss @G-Man
  29. Kervin Noel

    My Digital Art Channel

    Hey everyone. My name is Kervin. I run a digital art channel where I usually post speeddesigns of digital art I design for my clients. I've recently decided to start doing more digital art and drawings, I hope to make a lot more videos and I hope to improve my skills a lot more. So i'm...
  30. nia draws

    Hi Speedpainters!! :)

    First of all I'm so excited to see an Art forum here! I don't know if it was newly created or if I just missed it, but I'm super excited to hopefully meet other YT artists on here!! It's sort of difficult to find a place in the art community of youtube. Right now I'm finishing up a 30 day art...