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Okay now I'm going to keep this shorter and sweeter then my social media staff would like me to.

In this group you don't have to stay if you don't want to and that we do not make you upload on a group channel. (Groups like that are just trying to benefit from you not help you).

Who are we and what are we?
First Order Entertainment (FOE) is a Group or community of content creators all follow the internal motto of FOE "To make a company that allows us to do what we love for the rest of our lives". You can call that cheesy all you want but it's our goal. We are seen as an entertainment company and that is how we like to portray our selves externally. Internally we are a fun group and love to horse around with everyone.

Inside the group we like everyone to have their own small groups, to find members inside or even outside FOE to form their own small group under FOE. "That's weird for a group to do", yes it is. We do this because not everyone in the group will find recording with everyone in the group beneficial. By having a group you work well with you can push yourself further then with someone you are just bearing with.

Departments/Directors are a common saying in FOE. That's because to make things more easily manageable we developed our own departments and directors systems. we have 4 departments.

  • Social Media
    Those who work advertising and all our social interactions like this post...But I'm actually the founder and owner posting this.
  • Graphics/Animations
    Any art, animations anything of that area. This is actually ran by a certified YouTube Growth Professional and Professional Graphics Designer. He runs a company called "Goldstein Digital"
  • Video Productions
    This contains all of the "YouTubers" and movie makers and skit makers.
  • Live Media
    This is all the live streamers and live podcast members. So Twitch, Mixer, Apple Podcast and more.
Now you may be asking, "Okay so you formed it into a business so what?" We did that for the reason of micro management. It'll be easier to contact the director of your department then I. They will be better able to help you with any issues quicker too. We've also done it so that the business aspect can be handled by the directors and I. You the content creator shouldn't have to worry about that, we want you to be able to focus on your own channel.

Okay so we know who you are, now what?
I know you've read a lot or maybe you skipped almost all of that, in which case maybe you should go back and read it since it holds important stuff. We will now tell you the requirements.

There are basically no requirements, we have a few but no subscribers count, or followers count. WE DON'T CARE. Even the smallest of content creators can be better then the bigger ones.

Requirements for all:

  • Age: 16+, younger ages are less likely to be allowed but sometimes exceptions are made, so still try out.
  • Microphones are needed (Quality doesn't matter)
  • Discord (We use it to keep everyone in contact)
  • Professionalism (While inside the group we like to have fun, some things will require professionalism)
  • The determination to grow and succeed.
Special Requirements:
Artist/animators: Please have examples of your art/animations. (A portfolio)
Video Creators: Please link us to an example of your abilities.
Streamers: Please show us your streaming page.
Social Media: show us how you can help our social media.

Gaming console options:

  • Playstation
  • PC
  • Xbox
We are always looking for bright new creators to help lead FOE. We have many management spots open, you must prove to be able to handle such a position before you will be given the position.

Down below are 2 ways to contact us, Discord and Email. You can also comment down below, if you are looking for the fastest way to contact someone of FOE for more information then try the discord link below.

Discord Group Code:

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Why did you take down the post talking about TIGTV. Is it so you can get all the people joining your group or something and no other groups. I have seen you take some other stuff down too. Not here to complain or anything I'm just curious why you did it
I don't have the power to remove post. Also we don't want everyone...We are looking for driven people wanting to actually accomplish something.

Now our boss has removed a comment from one of us that was made on a TIGTV post but we can't remove a whole like thread post.