1. Cyclonejack1988

    Gaming Serious artist wanting to grow with collaboration.

    My name is jack, I just turned 28 last month, I am a serious artist, content creator, and livestreamer. I have a huge library of games I play (mostly on PC but also Wii U and Ps3) I am looking to connect with other like minded serious content creators for collaboration and also I am looking for...
  2. SuperMossyCobble

    Channel review request :)

    I was just hoping some of you kind folks could look at my channel and hopefully give me general feedback on pretty much everything, any criticism is appreciated! :D
  3. FleetingPrecision

    How do you record speed-paints?

    I'm just asking out of curiosity, since i have already figured out a setup that works for me. I thought it'd be interesting to see how other people record traditional art timelapses and stuff! Pictures are welcome! :D
  4. Thisizhabib

    Music Down For Any Collab

    Hey ! I'm Just new Here , But Anyway I'm Tryin To Make Some Distance collaborations ! I'm a Producer , Audio Engineer & I Can Do All Stuffs Here ! You Can Check my Work Down And For Inquires Just Mail Me At
  5. Mike Moonnight

    Music Looking for Latin Music Collab

    Im a Dj & Producer from France and im looking for artists and channels targeted to latin music for a collaboration Please feel free to contact me and i will answer as quickly as possible
  6. paigelknowles

    I'm really new here but hey check out my channel!

    I'm going to be uploading a new tomorrow and Friday my channel is extremely fun and truly me! You won't regret checking it out
  7. A


    Hey guys. How's it going? I'm starting this thing where if you ask me to make a logo or a banner for your YouTube channel I will make it for you. I don't even know myself why I'm doing this. Maybe I'm just a nice person. But anyway all you really need to do is to tell me what you would like it...
  8. Xexor

    Gaming Paintings and Drawings Desired

    In addition to other projects I'm working on, I would like to do biographies / lore on various games and their characters. Although these often will include in-game footage as well, I would like to include painting stills at various parts scattered around the videos. I am myself, however, not...
  9. Buddy Sessoms

    Services Cheap Professional GFX Shop

    My name is ChesterLoony and I make quick and good quality GFXs in photoshop! Here is my shop and I made sure that the listings are cheap and reasonable for your wantings! These are just mere samples of what I can do, I will be more than happy catering to your needs, all you have to do is tell...
  10. PredictableNOVA

    Services Banners for Channels - Services.

    Why Hello :). A friend of mine suggests that I try the forum out. I'm PredictableNOVA, or as what other's call me, Nova. I am a youtuber, artist and falconer. I am here to hand out services of my time. Warning, don't expect them to be cheap. I'm an artist who takes the time into the works on...