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Hey guys. How's it going?

I'm starting this thing where if you ask me to make a logo or a banner for your YouTube channel I will make it for you. I don't even know myself why I'm doing this. Maybe I'm just a nice person.

But anyway all you really need to do is to tell me what you would like it to look like, colours you want in it, any specific font, what text you would like on it, if you would like any characters or pictures in it and your skype name so I can give you you the link of where to download it. If you want your minecraft skin to be in it just send me a picture of it if you can or just send me a link of where your skin is then I will just download it. And if you don't have anything specific you want in mind I will do my best to make an amazing banner for you.

Now for the time I will take. I can actually make it and finish it in the same day you ask for it really. It just depends when I see your message. But it really doesn't take a lot of time to be honest.

So anyway guys the most important thing is that you give me your skype name because that's the only way I can send you the link of where to download it.

If you want to add me on Skype my username is darrellmuzerengi.

By the way I just put some stuff that I made myself just to show you what I can do.

Osanian Logo.png

Osanian Youtube Banner.png
This is so nice! Would you be able to make me a banner/channel art that says littlemoresonic with the colors light blue and dark purple? I try to keep most of my channel art cute and lighthearted, but feel free to do what you want! Skype is ashleyzelda
Hey man! Nice designs! Can you do 3D text? If so I want a silver 'R' With a Silver Circle around it (3D) with either a light blue or black background! Thanks a lot!
Hey AidanDZN I'm a fairly new channel and I was wondering if you'd be able to make a logo and banner for me? If so thanks so much! Here is my skype email:
FYI: the link to my channel on here isn't working and after I get a message from you I would inform you on what I want in it
Nice designs man! Can you do a profile pic for me? if so, I would like it to resemble the flash's logo, but instead of the lightning bolt in the middle do an s thats similar to the bolt and make the surrounding circle the letter g if possible. If thats too much to ask for, i understand; so if you cant do that, then just whatever you might think looks best with an s and g. THX! ( btw my skype name is sleepegamer)
I would like to request a few things if possible:

A new youtube profile picture
A new youtube banner
A thumbnail template for the culling
An outro slate