Copyright violation no idea why! Please help.

Jul 27, 2015
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Hey everyone. I just got a notification from YouTube :

Dear Playtime Toy Unboxing PTU Disney Toys Barbie Dolls,

Your video Adele Send My Love - AMAZING ⭐ 5yo Singing by Kyla - Kids Sing Songs for The Ellen Show may have content that is owned or licensed by Kobalt Music Publishing and UMPG Publishing, but it’s still available on YouTube! In some cases, ads may appear next to it.

You are still making money from this video, to change your monetization settings.

This claim is not penalizing your account status. Visit your for more details on the policy applied to your video.

- The YouTube Team

©2017 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

I have no idea why! I can't post a link so please enter the title in YouTube search. Thank you.

It's just my daughter trying to sing this song. Doesn't even have an instrumental! Is she singing that well?? Lol. Is there anything I can do?


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Dec 8, 2016
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Atlanta, GA
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If it's a full song I don't think you are allowed to monetize the video bc it violates the copy rights of that song? Im not sure, that is what it sounds like it is saying... I tried to see if Adele was contracted to Kobalt music productions but I saw nothing, maybe that particular song? Sorry if this wasn't much help.


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Nov 19, 2014
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In music copyright, there are two forms of copyright. There is the recording copyright which is the physical recording of a song and the composition copyright, which is the copyright for the person who wrote the song.

She's singing it without any recorded music from the original artist so it will count as a cover since you own the recording rights and Adele and her publishers own the composition rights. This means you should have an option in your monetization to say that it's a cover and you can revenue share the with other rights holders. If that's not there you can claim it and say that it's a cover so, therefore, you own the rights to the recording and you're willing to revenue share with the composition rights owners.

I get this a lot since I do a lot of covers on my channel, a lot of it can depend on how much money is made from the video and how much different publishers go after YouTube videos.