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Hey everybody, I'm looking for some constructive criticism on my science and tech channel. Please tell me. What you think of the overall astetic of the channel as well as the content of the most recent video "Black hole in your Pocket" (as it is my most recent and polished format)

What can I improve on? What do you think i'm doing well? Any and all feedback is welcome!
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I like all your videos but I do think your newest one demonstrates a more 'digestable' format that I can definitely see taking off for you. Well done! If you can keep that up with a consistent publish schedule I think you'll do very well. Are you uploading similar videos to other social media platforms? I've noticed more channels working with this kind of content often include partial or full burned-in captions so the videos play better on Facebook and the like. Not sure if that's something you've considered or have any interest in.
Thanks, the "Byte Sized" content is easier to create than my other stuff so I beleive that uploading frequently shouldnt be too difficult.
The only social media platform I've been posting too is Twitter, as (I hear) facebook is inefficient when it comes to promoting content, though I'll have to do more research.
I agree that i should add captions because the length of these vids are shorter than my others, good idea!
Yeah, I didn't mean to use FB to promote your YT channel so much as that this shorter content would play really well on FB as native FB video if you were to have a dedicated page there. I realize there's no ad revenue (at least initially) but it might be a good long-term investment for you.
dude your channel is f*****g awsome and is a good example of good videos getting buried. if anything maybe you need to make stronger tags but your videos are A+. i subbed btw