1. Elderberry

    Video feedback/ thoughts/ criticism

    Hello, I am seeking some feedback on a video I have uploaded recently. I know it has been an improvement from the previous videos I uploaded but I want to know if there is anything that I should improve on the next video. Is there anything that I am doing wrong.
  2. XXAllAboutGamingXX

    Got any constructive criticism for my Gaming Channel?

    I need help figuring out if I am doing something wrong. I am struggling to figure out to see if my channel is failing either because I am (Again) doing something wrong, or if it is YOUTUBES Fault. I would appreciate it if you could check out the channel, and tell me what you thought.
  3. Curiosity Ridge

    Channel Review request

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for some constructive criticism on my science and tech channel. Please tell me. What you think of the overall astetic of the channel as well as the content of the most recent video "Black hole in your Pocket" (as it is my most recent and polished format) What can I...
  4. McShockz O

    What am I doing wrong?

    I have been doing for almost 5 years now, and I know that sounds like a long time, and very little success when you look at my channel. However, I started when I was 13 and seeing as I'm 18 now, I've grown a lot as a person and a creator. What I really need help deciding is where should I go...
  5. TeddieCakes

    First time editing in this style, need advice on interest retention and editing style [Gameplay]

    Video Link: Channel: TeddieCakes Title: FIRST D.VA TEAM KILL! | Gremlin D.VA teaches us how to "Git Gud" Hello, I am a complete beginner when it comes to editing and I just recently created a new video that is completely different and new in style to me. I wanted to know if this editing style...
  6. Donald Forward


    Hi I rather not have a video idea rather than a series called Randoms. I think I want to planned it as just a series of random steckes like ADSP but more random and less funny :(. All the characters is based on my OC characters some of those OC characters are The Blob,Gunman,K-9,FireKitty just...
  7. Pedro Nascimento

    Why isn't my channel growing? Need Feedback!

    Hello guys, Thank you in advance for reading this. I do really need some HELP in here. I you guys could give me some feedback, some criticism would be very helpful. You can target my videos, channel branding, thumbnails, anything... I'm just looking for answers, perhaps you know why isn't my...
  8. Lightsen


    We all love it right? ;) (This is a very TLDR post, but I felt the want to share my 2016 reflection on how criticism has been the best thing to ever happen to my channel Please share your own experiences and thoughts on it :)) Back in 2013 is when my channel started to actually grow. I'd used...
  9. SandManOnly

    NEW Type Of Videos!!

    Hey everyone, so I started to make these new types of videos, they may not be new to you but for me these videos where very new and I had to learn different tricks to edit, so I would like some of you to tell me how the videos are, some constructive criticism or some mistakes I you noticed. Give...
  10. E

    Constructive Criticism

    Hey everyone just looking for some constructive criticism on how my editing skills are so far?? I know my first video was kinda ehhhh but I hope I've gotten better since then hopefully some more experienced editors or just people with a more creative eye can give me some critiques on how I'm...
  11. T

    I don't have a genuine audience to critique me sooo...

    I only have two subscribers and I'm afraid my friend doesn't want to hurt my feelings, but I need some (constructive) criticism, so if you don't have anything to do or are just bored, your criticisms are welcome. I'm looking on getting an intro soon, and working on getting an actual profile...
  12. Yuglord

    How Could I Improve?

    So I've been uploading to my channel for about a week now and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to improve my videos because I want people to see quality when they come to my channel. I know my confidence in the videos will improve as I make more of them (so I won't be so quiet and...
  13. spektronomy

    My Little Channel asks for Feedback

    Hello there dudes! So I've been in this for almost 4 months now and I'm kinda stuck. I know I had a bit of a break lately because the school started, but I'm getting back on track! Anyways, I'd love you to give me a bit of a feedback on the channel in general. Is it my not so magnetic...
  14. Wpcorley02

    Need some constructive criticism

    hey guys my channel is wpcorley02 I make comedy videos on YouTube. If anyone would like to it would be great if you would watch a few videos and give me some advice/criticism on my channel. That is my channel
  15. sphamedia

    Asking your fans for things

    So today i made a video asking my fans for constructive criticism and to actively tell me what they like from me, i was thinking if this is something that is fround apon, like i know that asking them to vote you up in stuff is a terrible thing and i know that you never ask for actual stuff, but...
  16. SuperYazz

    Help me out please and review/feedback ;)

    Hey! I'm SuperYazz, I do gaming funtages with friends, commentaries and random games here and there. I have about 8 or 9 uploads so as you can see, I'm just starting off. Please take your time to review my channel and give me some feedback :D please don't be so harsh with how you give me...
  17. TheSGGamingChannel

    2 Months of YouTube

    I only have 1 more part of my 2nd Let's Play, and I feel I've made considerable progress in 2 months. Its slow, and SEO is difficult, but I feel I'm doing better than other channels my size honestly. I've made a post like this a while back, and its a two month anniversary, I would like some...
  18. mrtrickiehandz

    Thoughts about my channel?

    Hello everyone! My name is Tommy and i need your honest opinions about my channel. I'm making gaming videos. I would really love to see constructive criticism to help me improve. I will always try to do my best. Thank you so much! <3
  19. Altairsfriend

    I'd like the communities' opinion on my latest video.

    We are about to have another recording session and I would like to know what you guys (and gals!) think of this video as a whole. I know I need to work on the audio mix for sure, but what else? How's the editing, pacing, etc? Does the video flow to the end? Perhaps a more defined beginning or...
  20. ComradeSupreme

    Help me out and I can help you out! All feedback is welcomed here!

    As always, I do enjoy feedback and reviews quite a bit. I edit my videos of my friends and I playing games - laughing and goofing around, probably breaking the game itself. I try to have all the funny moments and make it so people are laughing and invested in the video. Regardless of all that...
  21. Eyezak

    How Can I Improve My Content? / Channel Feedback

    Hello! I've been wanting some people to review and give feedback on my channel. I generally upload gaming, mainly a game called Overwatch as that's what I want my primary focus to be. What do I want reviewed? 1. Video Quality (Editing, Audio, Overall Quality) 2. Branding (Banner, Thumbnails...
  22. Anjim

    Should my channels deserve 1,000 subs

    If you guys are willing to check out my channels I would be open to improvements and if you guys reply I will give you feedback as well. Here we go, You can type on Youtube Anjim 2.0 and Anjim Plays those the channel I got and do they deserve more subs? I am not the best speaker and I have ADD...
  23. Ninja

    In Need of Feedback/Criticism!

    I've noticed my interactions and views have been going down recently and I feel like that is somehow reflective of my content. If there is anything you notice that I could work on, I would love to hear it from you!
  24. ComradeSupreme

    Look into my soul and give me feedback!

    In reality, I mean my video. This is my latest one with CSGO - trying out a different style with editing. One thing that must be noted beforehand, OBS hated me that day. Thus, the recording was oddly choppy. I already know this and will be fixing that in the future. Besides that, everything...
  25. Djams

    I want feedback on my channel and video structure!

    Hi guys! I'm a vlogger and would like some feedback on my channel. Does it look good or is something missing? Are the intro/ outro necessary or should I just start up every video in its own way? Also should I think about how long my videos are and maybe shorten or lengthen my videos? Maybe...
  26. ImSoLugo

    A lil Constructive Criticism

    Who would like some constructive Criticism? Ive been on you tube for about a month and it is something I rarely ever get. I'm not sure if its something all you tubers have experienced, but i feel as though it hinders my ability top grow. I don't want to promote my channel here but i'm curious...
  27. Promice

    Do you have any haters?

    Recently I had somebody do a rant on me, I had played and talked to the guy a long time before I started my YouTube channel and since then I had always believed he was kind of a douche, but I had never thought he would actually go out of his way and make a video about me. I am honestly not...
  28. Beanie Boy

    I'm At Your Mercy...

    Hello there! Beanie Boy here! I'd really appreciate some feedback on my channel. I know I have a lot to work on, but I'd specifically like to know which areas I should put the most time into. Please check out my channel and let me know your thoughts! All criticism is welcome. :)
  29. M-K

    I'd love some constructive criticism, to help me become better at entertaining!

    About 2 months ago I started a YouTube channel, because my little-brother, who's ten years old, wanted me to try it out. He thought it would be the coolest thing ever, and something to brag to his friends about. Hard to say no to that. Turned out to be the greatest thing for me. Since I "suffer"...
  30. Christoverse

    Offering my most unbiased, constructive feedback for YOUR channel

    Hey Yttalk fam. I know how valuable feedback can be for a channel, therefore, I am more than happy to offer some unbiased, straight to the point, constructive criticism in the hopes that I can assist you on your journey. I may also sub as well. Let the reviews begin!