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Recently I had somebody do a rant on me, I had played and talked to the guy a long time before I started my YouTube channel and since then I had always believed he was kind of a douche, but I had never thought he would actually go out of his way and make a video about me. I am honestly not bothered by his video in fact I feel honored but I wanted to know, if anybody else has had any other experiences with haters.
Based off a few comments, probably, but they're banned now so I dunno if they're continuing to engage in the hate or have moved on to spread hate in other pastures.
Not really just one guy I called out for spamming had a panic attack in my comment section one time
No matter where you go onto the internet there will always be trolls or haters - That is just a given. But this person making a video about you is publicity and remember any publicity is still publicity. Haters are always going to appear on videos, especially if they are of high quality. People don't like to see other people do well in life - They get jealous, and do their best to bring others down. It's a vicious cycle.

But aside from that there are also many positives the likes of haters can bring to a video - A view is still a view no matter what their intention is. A review is still a review, it will still bring you closer to being found on that daunting search bar.

Good luck my friend. And never get disheartened by them!!

Same for me, NSPS. If we were talking other websites, I imagine there are lots of people who hate me as a person, but I haven't gotten anything directly hateful on YouTube in a long time, possibly partially because I focus my activity there on music and information sharing over getting into debates in comments.