hate comments

  1. Gits and Shiggles

    Post Comments that Grind your Gears!

    Do you have a comment on a video that's dumb, wrong, crazy, or just annoying? Well, post it here! I think most can agree that seeing YouTubers read their hate comments can be entertaining, so reading each other's should be fun to some extent. This can also help new users to the forum realize...
  2. BlueOrcaSpirit

    Is doing pixel art videos a bad thing?

    Hey i was just wondering, i uploaded a video on like a pixel art timelapse/speed build and got like hate where being someone called me a h*e, sorry that i said it and got like 3 dislikes. I dont think i did anything wrong, just built a pixel art, sped the video and put music in the back ground...
  3. Amber lynx

    Hate/ harassment comments

    I just received my first hate comments and they're a pretty brutal but the cool in me really don't care. I mean they're even going to the lengths to flag the video which is only promoting the video. What did you guys do to hate comments and such for your first time?
  4. KiddieToysReview

    The Worst Hate Comment So Far

    This is the worst abusive comment we've received so far. I create this thread for the simple reason to ask everyone, if you receive these type of abusive comments, don't just delete and block the user, but go through the process to report them. We need to work together to remove garbage like...
  5. DuncanT


  6. aarondafish

    How do you deal with haters?

    Just a random question. Ive recieved some hate over the past year. What i do is just reaspond to it just like a normal comment and try to laugh it off. What do you guys do?
  7. Promice

    Do you have any haters?

    Recently I had somebody do a rant on me, I had played and talked to the guy a long time before I started my YouTube channel and since then I had always believed he was kind of a douche, but I had never thought he would actually go out of his way and make a video about me. I am honestly not...
  8. GooberVlogs

    How long did it take you before you.....

    Wazzzzzzup everyone =) I was just wondering how long before you start seeing comments on your videos???? cause I rarely get any comments :confused: I have videos up and am trying to upload every Monday and Friday and get a few views even a like every now and again but no comments, I guess it's...