How do you deal with haters?


I've Got It
Just a random question. Ive recieved some hate over the past year. What i do is just reaspond to it just like a normal comment and try to laugh it off. What do you guys do?
I'll be blunt. You're going to have to get used to it buddy. The problem is you're only very young and making the types of videos that you do unfortunately is going to make people cringe (as I did watching offense), and some of them are going to a***holes and write cancerous comments. I don't know what else to say to you, but I'd personally keep doing what you're doing until you build up enough experience and maturity to make better quality videos as you get older (and weather the sh*t storm of negative comments). Also make sure you aren't annoying people with 'sub4sub' and writing in other youtubers comment sections to check out your channel, as that will almost certainly attract negative comments
In my day job, part of what I do is run communities (like this one), and I have a "one and done" policy. If someone is being hateful but not being offensive or really personally hateful (they talk smack about the content but don't come after me as a person, or a person in my communities), I will try to engage once. I will see if we can talk, person-to-person and even if they don't like what I'm doing, we can at least acknowledge that we're both just trying to figure out things in this weird, strange world of ours.

If that doesn't work, I delete their comment and block 'em. Not enough time for idiots.
Delete their comment, don't allow any more posts from that user and move on. I don't have time to deal with internet trolls. I have been known to feed the occasional troll though. Very funny.
Let em hate! if they're just barking, let em. The comments and down votes are actually good for your view rankings! If they're being abusive, block em and don't say a word to them about it. Report them, let Youtube know what's going on, and move on.

And ultimately just use discretion. Sometimes I'll give people a warning; I'm all for them not liking my work and saying so, but tact is also important.