1. M

    do youtubers with autism get hate/judged/bullied? (please give advice! wanting to make vids but afraid)

    i've wanted to start making vids but i'm afraid. it seems very random as for which channels get judged though i haven't looked into it much. All help is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.
  2. Gits and Shiggles

    Post Comments that Grind your Gears!

    Do you have a comment on a video that's dumb, wrong, crazy, or just annoying? Well, post it here! I think most can agree that seeing YouTubers read their hate comments can be entertaining, so reading each other's should be fun to some extent. This can also help new users to the forum realize...
  3. Kaitlyn Moore

    Too Much Hate HELP

    Hello! So I really do love making videos on my channel and have so much fun doing it but lately I've just been getting lots of hate for no reason. No one comments on my videos they just dislike them all the time and usually it's about the exact same number of dislikes on each video so I must...
  4. C

    Kill Myself? Really People?

    I'm more or less sharing an experience I've been having run ad campaign on a channel trailer. I find people who enjoy the ads I run, tend to like it, possibly follow the channel, and never comment. People who don't like the ad post very malicious comments like telling me to die, or this is gay...
  5. Warlock Boo

    I got my first hate comment today

    I got my first comment telling me to go kill myself. yet i fill like i hit a milestone because of it. I don't know why but it made me so happy like i am now a somebody because I am worth hatting is that odd it's odd isn't it.

    I hate the people on the internet.

    So yesterday was superbowl and my awesome girlfriend made an even more awesome football "snack-stadium" for the party we threw. I was really interested to see what others might think of it and so I posted it on reddit. It didn't took long and it got 150 upvotes in an hour which was insane ...

    How do you deal with hate?

    So as I small youtuber I don't actually get much hate at all. I've had a small taste but nothing to much. To be completely honest I actually welcome it, even in videos at the end when I ask people to comment I say "leave a comment with your opinions or some hate if you want to" Hate just shows...
  8. KiddieToysReview

    The Worst Hate Comment So Far

    This is the worst abusive comment we've received so far. I create this thread for the simple reason to ask everyone, if you receive these type of abusive comments, don't just delete and block the user, but go through the process to report them. We need to work together to remove garbage like...
  9. LionWaffles

    Why posting a video on Reddit is a bad idea

    I recently held off on posting videos to Reddit because of the amount of unconstructive critism and dislikes I've been getting. So I recently posted a video and here's the hate I got, also 4 dislikes on my video. By the way - all of the "sort of" constructive criticism I got was debunked in...
  10. KeniisuYT

    How Keemstar's Tweet about me brought a lot of hate my way...

  11. thejadonmayhew

    When Will It End? (Terrorism)

    I felt it was time I put together this powerful message. Whilst this video itself isn't going to change the world, the actions we take and the message we spread can. One small step at a time, we can change the world.
  12. Alec Shepherd

    People who hate for no reason!

    I just thought I'd rant a little bit about people who give you hate for absolutely no reason! I swear some poeple just go around disliking videos before they even watch them! It makes me so mad. What do you guys think about this have you noticed things like this too?
  13. D

    Haters dislike my videos

    I have either a few or several hates on my new youtube channel. I think these people are jealous or envy the stuff I find so they just come to my channel and vote down on all my videos because I have a spike of dislikes of almost every single day. I show my haul videos what I buy and what I find...
  14. Tyhd

    The Hate on this Site

    I don't consider my channel a gaming channel, nor do I consider myself a gamer when it comes to YouTube. I consider myself an entertainer as I do have videos that have no gameplay in them and The ones in which I do add gameplay as a background have nothing to do with the game. Viewers come to my...
  15. aarondafish

    How do you deal with haters?

    Just a random question. Ive recieved some hate over the past year. What i do is just reaspond to it just like a normal comment and try to laugh it off. What do you guys do?
  16. Promice

    Do you have any haters?

    Recently I had somebody do a rant on me, I had played and talked to the guy a long time before I started my YouTube channel and since then I had always believed he was kind of a douche, but I had never thought he would actually go out of his way and make a video about me. I am honestly not...
  17. GunGecko

    Dislikes :(

    So today I woke up and found that many people had disliked my video. I dont want to sound like a wuss or something but I guess it kinda upset me (haters gona hate). I dont know the reason for this hate as everything in the video seems to be ok... i think anyways. Do you guys know what i should...
  18. thejoelwilliamsphere


    In my opinion Nicole Arbor is the most hated youtuber - I cant stand even calling her that... WHO do you think in your opinion is the most hated person on YouTube currently as of 2016?
  19. Simon Erlic

    I Need Help with a Spammer

    So, I recently noticed a video popping up when you search my Channel, SupaSimon. Normally, I wouldn't care that much, but it became the first video that comes up when you search my channel name. This, bothers me quite a bit. I would be fine if it were some random video, but its a HACKING THREAT...
  20. crackbot72

    Worst type of Videos/Channels

    So this is gonna kinda be a rant type of thread where, if you want, you can discuss the worst type of channels. Given that my channel is already pretty horrible, lets try and call out some other people, channels, or videos. Now for the videos i hate/dislike/ or that annoy the hell out of me...
  21. Cherry Tung

    How odd is it for a girl to post technology related videos?

    I recently uploaded a review on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and I got tons of hate about how I'm a "typical idiot" and that I do not deserve views... Is it odd for girls to post reviews on laptop/tablet/technology? Or is it offensive? I just wanted to share my experience of using a new tablet...
  22. FraYoshi

    Salmon YouTube PlayBar

    Damn new salmon-like color playbar of these minutes.... Due of this.. I cannot longer play videos :( Are You having troubles like me? my italian internet bandwidht is 70kbps down - 30kbps up
  23. J

    What is your least favorite type of video a lot of Popular Youtubers make?

    Hey everyone. What challenge, Tag, or type of videos do you hate the most to see from popular videos? I respect that everyone likes to do different things on their channel, but is there something you hate to see that has become very popular to do? Thanks for any replies!
  24. K

    The Thing I Hate Most About YouTube

  25. Cody Daniel

    The Fiend from Hell - Monstrum

    I CANNOT finish this game! I have tried SO HARD to win! My last video, I walked around for almost three HOURS trying to finish! One more thing, I HATE THE FIEND!!! That thing creeps me out to no end! If you have any tipss....PLEASE HELP ME!! :'(