People who hate for no reason!

Alec Shepherd

New Member
I just thought I'd rant a little bit about people who give you hate for absolutely no reason! I swear some poeple just go around disliking videos before they even watch them! It makes me so mad. What do you guys think about this have you noticed things like this too?
I've been accused of it just because I p**s people off or w/e and then they dislike my stuff but that's about it.

I do get a dislike here and there but a huge wave hasn't happen since I think February? and even then it somehow got erased a day later.
yep i posted this on another post but i am suddenly being dislike attacked, i got 3 new views and all 3 disliked it all in one go, i dont know if i have upset someone or what but i had the same problem on my pokemon go video which got deleted, and they are probably hoping if they dislike it enough i will delete that one too, although that wasnt the reason i deleted it, it does sting when you get several dislikes all in one go, no dislike is nice but when you get more then one in one go it can seem like a bit of a personal attack and can sting, it is a worry where they are coming from too whether its someone you know or knows of you and is being nasty and you have no idea, it does make you almost not want to upload anymore, but if that is the case then that is exactly what they would want, it isnt nice knowing there are people like that out there, ready to cause s*** on your channel and make you feel horrible but it is the internet and if you love it you just keep going regardless, just got to keep telling myself it isn't me some people are just nasty
It is strange and disheartening, but as you said, lots of people dislike for no reason. Your channel seems very cool and informative so just keep going dude! As long as you know your videos are quality then the real fans will come along!
I think some people are really angry for whatever reason, and they probably have nowhere at all to express it, so they get their outlet by anonymously making terrible comments at people. So maybe think that you're doing therapy! Or just delete them. Life's too short.
Yeah sadly it happens I uploaded at 15 minute video and got 1 dislike within 2 minutes of it being up I understand if people want to dislike my videos but the least they can do is tell me what im doing wrong and what I can improve on before jumping to the dislike button
Sometimes if you have a controversial subject matter, people can be very touchy about it. Otherwise, its just people being people. We are very quick to judge.