People who hate for no reason!

People just have too much spare time on their hands and decide to dislike videos on youtube for some reason. Sounds really boring to be but yeah
People do it because it makes people give an emotional response. To them, this thread here is hilarious because it's doing just what they intended.
My current video got record breaking likes and comments from people saying it should go viral, amazing production, etc. it still got one dislike. I saw that and said, "who is the one jag off that did that??" Other videos with likes, though not as many, have no dislikes, so it was clearly someone who just wanted to do it because the video was breaking out.

I've always said a video with several dislikes is a bad video, many dislikes is an attacked video (unfortunately) but just one or two dislikes means you hit a jealousy nerve with someone. They saw your greatness and it reflected their own shortcomings so, a good video gets a dislike or a hateful comment.

I'd only dislike a video if it's offensive or so poorly produced its unwatchable but it's takes 2 clicks to dislike and leave. But just one to leave and I'd rather save the energy
I do not understand the negative, especially when everyone is just trying to share things they love or show different things they are good at! Humans are a jealous species, so it is not surprising, just wish it was easier to deal with the negative! Hope things get better :)
I just thought I'd rant a little bit about people who give you hate for absolutely no reason! I swear some poeple just go around disliking videos before they even watch them! It makes me so mad. What do you guys think about this have you noticed things like this too?

I happend to me a few times when I tried to promote my vids trough reddit, and I just ignore it. It's the best way of not engaging with the problem and making it not get out of hand.