1. ItsBeeRay

    Why is Tuna called Tuna FISH? - A Rant

    The most important video you'll watch today.

    why is youtube so racist?

    In my opinion i feel like youtube is one of the most racist social media type of sites to use in 2017. I have never received the amount of racial slurs like i have on youtube. Dang ive received racial slurs ive never even heard before so on the bright side im learning something new?? I dont...
  3. Gotcherz

    Commentary Looking For People To Do A Collab With

    I'm a 16 year old looking to collab with anyone who also does rants or commentaries, if you're interested and you're 15-17 then hit me up on my YT Channel.
  4. H

    Other Looking for YT's to collab around 45 subs

    I do videos like reacting to other videos , DIY's, rants, hacks, etc. So, if your channel is affiliated somehow with those things contact me. I want you to please check out my channel and see my content the channel name is HijabiProductions. Please contact me if you want to take this opportunity...
  5. Mister Mikeyy

    Other Looking for a cool international collaboration!

    Hi everyone! I am a young aspiring youtuber and content creator. During my first year on youtube I have managed to achieve one small yet significant milestone - 1000 subscribers! I really want to work with other creators to try and grow our channels together and help each other! As far as...
  6. Flashpointaw

    The Most Romantic Time Of The Year | Animatic

    It's been a very long time since I last used Flash, so long they changed the name in fact, anyhow I got a bit board of my increasingly looming University deadlines and decided to tryout some Flash skills I learnt in Collage. Spoiler it didn't go very well. And now I'm inflicting this twisted...
  7. ggdeeofficial

    Getting triggered by people leaving comments that they disliked. wtf?

    Now as I am writing this post. I find it kind of funny. But just recently this dude dropped a comment that said "click bait... nice win though. disliked". I normally don't care about dislikes or hateful comments. I can usually just ignore them since I know most people aren't as knowledgeable...
  8. Baylze


    Hello everyone, my name is Bailey, better known as Baylze! If you enjoyed the video, then a like & comment would be much appreciated! If you REALLY liked the video - then subscribe to the channel for more awesome Gaming content! :D ▼▼▼▼▼ SOCIAL STUFF! ▼▼▼▼▼ Facebook | Afraid not. Instagram |...
  9. EurekaVidmak

    Just Sharing My Thought

    Hey guys, well first i wanna say thanks for anyone who bother to come here. Because what i'm gonna tell you is probably not important. But, i really need to express this somewhere. Okay, so.. Long story short, i felt that i'm now alone in this Youtube world. Why? Because all the community that...
  10. Kemono

    Gun Variants, Snipers, and much more: Infinite Warfare

    it's finally time for IW, I'm ready to go... sort of.
  11. Jgaust Online

    Why don't any of us show up?

    Hey! This is meant to be a question/rant... So I'm searching my subscriptions when I finally realize, I'm all caught up... There's NOTHING else to watch. So then I go over to the home tab and notice it's basically the people I already subscribe to, but like... OLD videos. :( So then the...
  12. Kemono


  13. Julius Gacgacao

    Non-supportive parents

    I just need to vent a little. My dream is to be a filmmaker, and this is a way to work towards that dream. So today I woke up 4am, the reason for this is because I wanted to edit my Vlog. I take from 4-4:50to prepare for school, that gives me from 5-7:30 to edit. I got about 30 minutes of...
  14. adams eats

    Do you ever get this?

    Since I started my channel I've really enjoyed it. But just lately I've gotten really fed up with people attitude and negativity towards what I do. For example, I share my latest video on Facebook. And one particular 'friend' always comments on it. He doesn't give any sort of feedback, just...
  15. CandyUnion

    I need help planning my first video.

    HI! I am starting my first new series where I rant about various things. Please leave posts below or email me at CandyUnionVideos@gmail.com for what I should rant about next. Think about holidays or events taking place soon, around a 1-month time frame. You WILL be featured in the video if you...
  16. chillion


    my recent comedy video is a rant about the festive season and random days throughout the year, and a lot of donuts... enjoy!
  17. TheMatrixWarrior

    Does a rant with the video shown count as fair use?

    I recently been thinking i want to make rants so: Does a rant with the video shown count as fair use? Or if not why?
  18. thegeekyinformant


    Hey guys! This week's video is a brand new series, Rantology! In today's episode I look back at the first Sonic the Hedgehog and talk about the bonus stages and all the irritation that follows :) THE GOAL.... IS NOT THE GOAL. I hope you enjoy :)
  19. thegeekyinformant

    Ranting series ideas??

    So I have an idea for a series called "Rantology!" where I rant about whatever. For example, my first episode will surround that ACCURSED "GOAL" sections of the Sonic the Hedgehog chaos emerald stages. Basically I'll talk about why it's called "Goal" when it obviously isn't........ the goal is...
  20. ugnius

    New opinions(rant) video on feminists!

    Check it out!
  21. ugnius

    My opinions on YOUNG SINGERS

  22. 3Bit


    Here is my latest rant video for The VGHD youtube channel! Enjoy!
  23. AM2PM

    Good Content versus Good looks

    I've been on YouTube for 10 years. I've had several channels and a bit of success. I know life isn't fair, but it does get frustrating when you come up with ideas and put a lot f hard work into making something new and interesting and you get a few views. Then you see a young attractive girl/guy...
  24. R

    I need help making a username...

    Okay, so I already have a channel (RainbowDoesThings) but I want to make another channel. Me and my friend want to make a ranting channel but we can't come up with a channel name. Idk if this will help but here's our separate channel names MissNerdyMoon RainbowDoesThings
  25. aarondafish


    Okay, so i met this one youtuber about a week ago. And at first, he seemed pretty cool, but then i noticed he was copying me. I dont know if this is just a coincidence but, the ytber started signing off like me, and now looks like hes posting on the exact same days as i am. It just makes me...
  26. Factually True

    A Windows Movie Maker Rant

    When I recently got the idea for my channel, I started researching video editing software to figure out which one I would use. Because most of my work is illustrating and narrating, I only need the video editor to combine my illustrations and audio tracks with some music, and I use a low...
  27. Kacper

    Feedback On My New Rant

    Hey everyone, one of the things I do most of on my channel are rants. I try to make them unique and entertaining and I have been trying to improve them recently. This one is on Facebook Statuses.Really happy with the thumbnail but if you think that there is something that could improve it eg...
  28. Alec Shepherd

    People who hate for no reason!

    I just thought I'd rant a little bit about people who give you hate for absolutely no reason! I swear some poeple just go around disliking videos before they even watch them! It makes me so mad. What do you guys think about this have you noticed things like this too?
  29. Anjim

    Spam Or No Spam

    Welcome Yttalk To Anjim's Spam or No Spam (Deal Or No Deal parody)! Today Youtube spam comment is from my gaming channel!it comes from Alpha Records and HK Gaming. Here is the info Alpha Records wants me too use their music but I am not a music channel I am a gaming channel. If I use...
  30. obscurimity

    BuzzFeed: Why I HATE It and Use It Anyway

    Hope you enjoy, just a rant that shouldn't be taken seriously. All support is appreciated.