1. WeegieMovies

    Hitler Finds Out About the Ghostbusters Reboot

    Poor old Hitler. He just wants to enjoy a new, original story. So how did he take it when he found out about the all - female Ghostbusters reboot? Not well... If you liked this video, please do me a massive favour and share it with a friend, it's so appreciated. Cheers, Lee
  2. Kass

    Facebook RANT

  3. W


    So yeah I'm just looking maybe for some exposure and maybe opinions.. thanks in andvance!
  4. Anjim

    Can Pokemon Go Can Be Used In The Wrong Way?

    What do you guys think?
  5. Meghan Alex

    Don't Get Offended But I Hate Vloggers

    Okay, so hopefully you read the title. You've had a fair warning. I hate vloggers. Not all vloggers, that would be cruel to stereotype them. I hate most vloggers. I say this, being a comedy vlogger. Okay, so you vlog about your life, right? Why do I care that you went to your grandmother's...
  6. and_the-teddy_bach

    Brexit Rant

  7. 42Blazing


    We can play Town Of Salem or it'd be cool to do a react or rant commentary video. I have other games so just tell me what you have!!
  8. CrayCho

    Would genuinely appreciate feedback m9s, it's hard to get out there.

    As the title says, opinions - good or bad - are more than welcome. Loyal and genuine fans are hard to come by :') and the new one: Thanks a lot :)
  9. MechMaster

    Something I Hate on Youtube

    Well, first off I absolutely HATE it when people sub for sub, it doesn't help anything, just because you have subs doesn't mean you're gonna get like fuckin, 30,000,000,000 views all or most of those subs are inactive or just don't care, they're only in it for the subs just like you. Besides, it...
  10. Kecha.L

    Annoying Teachers.... Review?

    I just posted a video about things teachers do that are annoying. I think this can be relatable to anyone who's ever been force to go to school (sorry homeschoolers) Please give me feedback on how you think the video is and how I can imporve on the future! many thanks :)
  11. thejoelwilliamsphere


    So the new channel URL instead of this youtube.com/user/[insert channel name] its now youtube.com/c/[insert channel name] The problem with this is, when you search your channel url when you land on your own channel page the URL is converted to a bunch of letters and numbers. Further for...
  12. Shehzad

    My Thoughts On Drama Channels - Rant

    What's up guys bringing you another commentary today discussing drama channels. Why I think they are bad but can do a whole lot of good for the community and sometimes they actually have done so in the past.
  13. Shehzad

    Athene Vs TwitchAlerts CEO - Rant Video

    What's up guys bringing you my rant on the whole skype conversation between Athene and the TwitchAlerts/vulcun ceo. He is a scumbag in my eyes but enjoy the angry commentary for what it is.
  14. UnderTheKnife

    600+ total views and 19 subs in just 3 weeks!

    I'm proud to announce that I have been doing so well considering the fact that I've not long started uploading. Thank you for all the support on the forums as well btw, you've all helped me out!
  15. Shehzad

    Batman Arkham Knight - Is It Still Broken!?

    I recently purchased Arkham Knight after waiting for so long expecting the game to be fixed after waiting 9 months, nearly a damn year. Being a big Batman fan I had to make a rant video on what is wrong with the game itself as well as the publisher.
  16. Shehzad

    Why I Hate Content ID! - Black Ops 3 Live Commentary

    What's up guys in this commentary I will be giving my thoughts on Content ID, why it is an extremely abusive and bad system. And why I think YouTube/Google should have made changes years ago because they somehow want no part in dealing with fair use so Content ID is their way of being an a**.
  17. GooberVlogs

    What Background Is Best For Vlogging

    I have a notepad of ideas of vlog topics that I am going to talking about... The couple past vlog/talking type videos I have done they are usually in my room.. but my room is boring as s**t lol I don't have like a bunch of posters or anything.. I know a lot of popular vlog/ranting type channels...
  18. Kacper

    Youtube Comment Section Rant!!!

  19. Shehzad

    Mirrors Edge Catalyst - What We Should Expect (Hopefully)

    Mirrors Edge Catalyst's release is just around the corner. I revisit the first game and already see what the frustration was with it. I talk about what they should have improved so we can expect the improvements in the new game with all our faith - get it. Find out more below
  20. Shehzad

    What's Happened To Bethesda? - Fallout 4 Rant (Spoilers)

    Alright, I finally sat down and finished the story of Fallout 4 without clawing my eyes out. I'm ganna be speaking about how progressively worse Fallout games have gotten and how this game didn't deliver to the fans at all. If you wanna find out the reason why this isn't a real Fallout game then...
  21. WillDP

    Horrible Teachers Rant

    Hey guys! In this video I go on a rant about the awful teachers that I have. I'm sure you guys have some horrible stories as well so don't judge me for these weak stories lol. Anyway, thank you for clicking on this thread! I hope you enjoy the video! Here is the video:
  22. Todd Talks

    Ryan Reynolds is my Arch-Nemesis (Deadpool Movie Hype)

    Learn why Ryan Reynolds is my arch-nemesis in my latest video!
  23. MegaCrasher

    Electronic Arts Trying To Trademark The Word "GHOST"!? WTF Is Going On?

    So we go from one company to another trying to trademark things that don't belong to them, that being words! (shakes my head) Good grief.. Article: http://www.polygon.com/2016/2/1/10887608/ubisoft-ea-uspto-trademark-ghost Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoreySpikeChase Google...
  24. Gametrap

    Rant: Simulator Games

    Just a quick rant on the current state of simulator games.
  25. thumbhais


    Hello my fellow Youtubers, It's my birthday! Yay! And for that reason, I made it a priority to get this video out ASAP. Not bad for about 10 hours worth of editing lol. Please let me know what you think and keep the discussion going! Do you hate Christmas? :)
  26. Zach S.

    My Experiences Working in Retail!!!

    -My Experiences Working Retail || Zapps Exp. EP 1- Today you guys get to here my retail rant of my Craziest Retail Experiences from me about working a retail job for almost a year. These experiences go anywhere from finding poop everywhere inside of a bathroom, to getting phone calls from...
  27. AnUnexpectedReed

    Comedy Any Youtubers from Seattle Collab?

    I don't have that many subscribers but I would love to collab with someone whether a challenge or a collab rant! Or a British vs American Accent (Im American)
  28. K

    The Thing I Hate Most About YouTube

  29. Shamik (iWanDatCake)

    Why Marriage SUCKS!

    Just stating my opinion!
  30. SimpleSam

    I Hate Wednesday...

    Holy s**t today is a bad day...