1. Daaave

    Other The ultimate collaboration! Everyone ever needed.

    Tubers, good day. Good day to you. The time has come when the tubers of YTTalk gather together to make the worlds best collaboration video. After a mildly irritating series of events, I decided that it couldn't just be myself who faces some irritating things. The idea for the collab video would...
  2. Deathskarl

    Walmart Door Greeters Rant

    -Walmart Door Greeters- Walmart door greeters are always over happy and want to talk for 5 hours before you even get down aisle one then want to stop you on the way out. It's time for another rant.
  3. Shamik (iWanDatCake)

    Women Shouldn't be President?!

    This was more of a rant tbh.