In my opinion i feel like youtube is one of the most racist social media type of sites to use in 2017. I have never received the amount of racial slurs like i have on youtube. Dang ive received racial slurs ive never even heard before so on the bright side im learning something new?? I dont really let negative comments or replies get to me really because i know with the type of content i put out there and the things i say sometimes that there will be a crazy racist out there that will feel the need to clapback with an uncalled for racist remark. I just feel like Youtube needs to do a better job at censoring the racist viewers and commentators instead of demonetizing the creators for saying little cuss words here and there in their videos.
Welcome to the internet. Especially with something like YouTube where you have to develop a thick skin to survive. Your block button is your best feature. There are thousands of users on YouTube every day that it’s simply impossible for YouTube to have any sort of moderation, so it’s up to the content creator and other users to report content.

I agree that it sucks, I get homophobic slurs and death threats quite often and I usually just block/report immediately. It’s not worth any more effort. If you give them any sort of attention it only pushes them to act out more.

Good luck, stay strong. You got this!
It is a social media like any social media. You're bound to get trolls or dumbasses. I doubt half those people genuinely mean what they call you, they just want to seem "funny" to a bunch of other morons.

Just ignore them and move on. YT also has a block feature I believe where you can prevent them from commenting again.
It's not YouTube's responsibility to decide what you can and can't receive from viewers. That would be censorship and would be bad. It's up to you to decide what you want to receive, and YouTube gives you the tools to do it, like automatic comment filters.

And it's not YouTube that is racist. Lots of people like getting strong reactions out of others. For a lot of people, it is easier or more enjoyable to try to get strong negative reactions, and they choose the method that will be most effective. Since race is such a sensitive topic, the insults almost write themselves when the target is part of a racial minority. I find it easier to handle when I realize that their goal is to make me feel bad, not that they hate me personally.
Internet is the platform where people don't fear to post anything because of anonymous pleasures. If somebody passes me racist comments, I would just laugh at them, ignore and move on. Because this makes me feel so good that some people can't stand my success haha. So take it easy and chill.
I wouldnt say that this was specifically a youtube issue...sadly anonymity is to racism what sugar water is to ants. the fact that they know theres almost no chance of them ever getting "Outed" for it (Unless they openly want it to be the case) means they can hide behind a moniker and say and do what they like...I mean; Youtube have put tools in place to help you censor particular words and phrases and even exclude people wholesale from looking at your content...but the sad reality is some people lead sorry enough lives that they only get any sense of superiority or happyness out of belittling and ruining the lives and experiences of others...you ultimately have two choices with people like that; you can try to engage with them, try and see the world from there perspective and with a lot of patience,understanding and unwarrented politeness you might be able to change there opinion and possibly even turn there life around..., or you can exclude them and let them get on with there own lives in the knowlege that thats just how some people are and while its not right you can be safe in knowing that you'll probably be in a happier place just living day to day than they ever will in there lifetime...Personally having tried both in my time...while sometimes I will try the former; and have had results and breakthroughs with people in doing that... I've come to realise that the latter is sadly the only option with some people...Im sorry there isnt a more concise or easy answer to this really...
Our kids are half Thai (wife = Thai), so the kids and wife have been called all sort of racist Asian things. Some I had to google, I had not heard before. We've also been told to go back to everywhere on the Asian peninsula, from Singapore to the top of Mongolia, and most place in between. That's why my favorite button on Yt is the "block" button.