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Posting Mad!
Hey guys, well first i wanna say thanks for anyone who bother to come here. Because what i'm gonna tell you is probably not important. But, i really need to express this somewhere.

Okay, so.. Long story short, i felt that i'm now alone in this Youtube world. Why? Because all the community that i joined, all gone. Not gone gone, but they're changed.

There is this one Youtube community that i join on Facebook long ago, and it's fun. Every member are interacted each other, we discuss about Youtube thing, and then we do some gathering, etc. But now; when Youtube now become more "industrialized" the interaction is gone. I don't know why. Maybe they're busy or something, but the community is not the same anymore. Other group now also filled only with people sharing their videos, but no interaction.

No more interaction, no more discussion, nothing. The people still exist, but not the soul.

Sounds cheesy, right? Well it did actualy.. Haha.

Tbh, i do Youtube because i like it. I don't have lot of subs and views, but i still do it no matter what. It's like writing a diary. Nobody knows, but i keep writing it.

I do think about money ofc, but it's not the main idea for me. I have my work, so Youtube is a hobby for now. There will be a time for that.

It could be only me. Maybe i'm not yet find a good people, good community. I just need someone who can talk to about Youtube world. Oh, and i'm from Indonesia. From my experience almost all people who join Youtube only in it for the money. There's a lot of "famous" Youtuber here that in the end become a celebrity (it's not difficult to be famous here) by doing something stupid, dare i say.

Well i need to stop, because this is starting to become a rant post. Hahaha. Sorry guys...

Have a nice day everyone!
You have a community right here at Yttalk. Look around, discuss, and share your thoughts on all the available forums, sub-forums, and threads right here at yttalk. Many people are helpful and many people are willing to discuss all types of YouTube-related things. Some communities do eventually run its course, but I doubt yttalk will be going anywhere anytime soon.
I really like your mindset, and sometimes I need to refocus myself back to creating videos because I love expressing myself. Good post and thanks for the reminder
I know, some people do youtube only for the money, you have to enjoy doing youtube, interact with people
that's the real point of it!
I agree with others here....this is a really great community, and I hope you feel welcomed here and that you continue to contribute and interact here!
I really agree my little community such as youtube friends..has kinda gone i think as channels grow we all grow apart as sad as that sounds