1. TastesSeoulGood

    Bali travel series

    Here is the trailer for my Bali travel series!
  2. Kinan Media

    please, forgive me

    I'm sorry if I hook you too deep, my love is just for you no one else ... this piece of story from this video hopefully not carried away feeling well?
  3. A

    Indonesia loves me? Sudden spike in views and subs!

    So for the last couple of days I've been getting A TON of views from Indonesia. And they are definitely real people and not bots, because I'm getting some likes and subscribers too. Checking the analytics apparently most of them actually come from SEARCH! And not some random Indonesian website...
  4. yokuwa

    Gaming Anyone playing roblox here?

    hello, i'm just starting my channel sometimes ago. Anyone here playing Roblox, would you mind to play some of Roblox minigame with me? :spin:
  5. Fox Beat

    Anyone from Indonesia?

    Hello, I'm looking for another YouTuber from Indonesia... Apa kabar?
  6. tiooooooo

    Up to any suggestions!

    Hi everyone! Just want to share some thoughts here, if you wathced a travel video (places, scenic view) would you rather to hear some narrative speech to introduce that place? I never tried that before, and really im a bit shy to talk in front of the camera lol And for gopro user; how do you...
  7. EurekaVidmak

    Just Sharing My Thought

    Hey guys, well first i wanna say thanks for anyone who bother to come here. Because what i'm gonna tell you is probably not important. But, i really need to express this somewhere. Okay, so.. Long story short, i felt that i'm now alone in this Youtube world. Why? Because all the community that...