Indonesia loves me? Sudden spike in views and subs!

Alexander Hoff

I Love YTtalk
So for the last couple of days I've been getting A TON of views from Indonesia. And they are definitely real people and not bots, because I'm getting some likes and subscribers too. Checking the analytics apparently most of them actually come from SEARCH! And not some random Indonesian website. They are all from one of my most popular videos btw. A video that has actually started appearing near the top of search results lately. Most views on that video come from search.

Anyone has any idea what's going on here? Why does Indonesia suddenly love me? haha

The video is actually a royalty free song I've composed so It's possible that a big Indonesian youtuber used my music in their video and credited me (or even gave a "shoutout"). But searching for the exact title of the song with quotation marks ("Mysterious Woods") on youtube or google I find nothing. UNLESS it actually was JUST a shoutout in the actual video. Hmm....
Very interesting! I don't have an answer for you, but I can relate because for some reason my top audience views seem to come from Vietnam!

Is it possible your video has been added to a playlist by someone with Indonesian songs as the other videos?

On the plus side maybe you can become super popular there, like The Hoff in Germany?! ;)
It happens mate and hopefully you can ride the wave for a while.
I had a huge spike from India for the last 6 months but recently started to fall.
I wonder which country will come on board next?