Getting triggered by people leaving comments that they disliked. wtf?


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Now as I am writing this post. I find it kind of funny.

But just recently this dude dropped a comment that said "click bait... nice win though. disliked". I normally don't care about dislikes or hateful comments. I can usually just ignore them since I know most people aren't as knowledgeable as most of us here how youtube works. But this triggered me! so you liked it... but didn't...? k.

The video's title was indeed intended to be click baity. but was it off topic? no. was it misleading? maybe to those who take things literally.

I'd like to hear your stories about hateful stuff you see in the comments due to youtube strategies you do for your videos!
That doesn't sound bad at all. Who cares anyways? They already watched your video and you got them to comment. You already got their view. If they gave you come constructive criticism that you could use, cool. He didn't. So whatever
People will hate on videos and dislike for pretty much any reason. It could be as random as "my ex was wearing a red shirt the day we broke up and your emblem has red in it so I dislike this video!" Ok, maybe a bit extreme but you get the point.

I've had someone go out of their way to comment on multiple videos how I know nothing about being a competitive gamer (despite never having claimed to be) and how I apparently speak to people like they're children (...because I'm giving tips and instructions...?) and how my friends may find me funny but I'm not funny (again, not something I claimed to be nor do I do much humor at all in my videos).

I also got this gem recently: "battlepacks are useless that's my problem your a ***"

There are a lot of good people on YT but there are also a lot that I wish natural selection had weeded out.
Someone once criticised a roast chicken recipe I did, telling me I should put some breading on it and deep fry it. But clue was in the title, it was a ROAST chicken, not a fried chicken recipe lol.
Take it and move on. A dislike or a hate comment still has a positive effect on your channel because they are still "interacting" with your channel.
I don't think your video was particularly click bait (except implying that you are the first to ever do something, which was obviously exaggerating), but it also didn't bait me into clicking any more than the other videos did. I actually preferred the look and title of the others.

The most hate I get from people in response to my strategy is saying my videos weren't scary or aren't "horror" because I use the term "horror version" when I just change the look and sound to make it creepy.
Some people are just having a bad day and have no way to vent their frustration so then take it out on us fellow youtubers.

P.s. Your channel link in your signature isn't working btw so we can't check out any of your content!