1. Hirudov

    What is the highest number of likes, without a dislike you have on a video?

    Usually I get few "fans" who automatically dislike almost every new video, but for one video seems they somehow missed it and the video is now with 156 likes and 0 dislikes (I was thinking it is impossible to have higher than 90%/10% like/dislike ratio), but now with 100% likes it is really an...
  2. Kyle2000

    Having a major issue with one person.

    So I am new to this forum. I have about 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, and about 292,000 views total. I have a nice channel, I do tech videos, tech reviews, and other videos. Recently I've been having this issue with this guy named "John Smith". Yes, I am aware that it is a fake name this guy is...
  3. Justine

    Mass Dislike Botting?

    So over the last few days ALL of my videos have been getting mass disliked and I have no idea how to deal with this. Four days ago, I woke up and ALL of my videos had four more dislikes than they previously did (most of my videos had 1, 2 or no dislikes to begin with), and today I just woke up...
  4. Tarek 47

    Many Views But Few Likes

    Hi, guys, I'm new member here and I have youtube channel with more than 1700 subscribers my channel has more than 2 years old and I was making videos but not regular like 1 video in 3 months or more so I wasn't worried about views and likes and comments in the start I was making different...
  5. IceTwig

    Get more likes?

    I do ask viewers to like the video, comment and all that.. but they never really seem to actually do it. I had a few fairly successful videos, albeit they were some of my worst back from what I was first starting and tried out adsense. Then I stopped paying and my channel calmed down a bit, now...
  6. M

    Do dislikes count against you in any way?

    Hey guys, so I got a few dislikes on some of my videos and I'm wondering, how does this affect my channel if at all? Does getting dislikes give you a lower overall rating or put you lower on youtube's search ranking, or does it just count as "interaction" on the channel?
  7. teameggplant


    Like if you can relate :'( Cri evry tim
  8. T

    I am currently being dislike botted for no reason, What can I do about it?

    Hi YTTalk! I am a very small Youtuber with a few subscribers and I don't know what I done but I am being targeted by a dislike bot, If I upload a video it gets dislike botted almost right away, I searched around a lot and found that people said in 2013 'Dislikes are good, they help your...
  9. I

    Does having more dislike affect the suggested video traffic?

    I see someone at quora said that if a video have more dislike than likes (example 100 LIKE - 200 DISLIKE, more than 1:1 ratio), then that video will stop getting suggested to other youtube videos. In term of youtube search, the dislike is not having any effect, because I often see videos that...
  10. Hadi

    Best time to upload and other strategies?

    Hey guys, I just joined the forum, because I thought you guys seem pretty cool. You all seem experienced in YouTube, and I'd really like it if I can have some advice when it comes to YouTube and growth. I've had a channel for less than a month, and I'm at around 86 subscribers. My videos...
  11. 1

    [LOCKED - fake news] New YouTube Like/Dislike Punishment System?

    Recently a YouTuber made a video about their videos getting a lack of views and realised it was because of the new punishment system that applies from the 1st of Jan 2017. For example, channels with 2x the amount of dislikes than likes can't have their videos monitized anymore. Channels with...
  12. ggdeeofficial

    Getting triggered by people leaving comments that they disliked. wtf?

    Now as I am writing this post. I find it kind of funny. But just recently this dude dropped a comment that said "click bait... nice win though. disliked". I normally don't care about dislikes or hateful comments. I can usually just ignore them since I know most people aren't as knowledgeable...
  13. PlanetPanda

    Dislike Bot Help!

    I have been getting dislike botted recently. It doesn't demotivate me at all but it does annoy me that those numbers are there permanently and making new viewers see it and think my content is bad. Is there no other way to deal with it other than disabling them being visible. I have no idea...
  14. D

    Haters dislike my videos

    I have either a few or several hates on my new youtube channel. I think these people are jealous or envy the stuff I find so they just come to my channel and vote down on all my videos because I have a spike of dislikes of almost every single day. I show my haul videos what I buy and what I find...
  15. Cam Kirkham

    Idea for Dislikes! Message to YouTube!!

    Hi everyone! My channel is less than 3 weeks old. I have uploaded 5 videos and they have became quite popular with one just about to hit 2k. Because my channel has grown quite quickly in a short amount of time there is obviously going to be some people out there who won't like it! Dislikers...
  16. GunGecko

    Dislikes :(

    So today I woke up and found that many people had disliked my video. I dont want to sound like a wuss or something but I guess it kinda upset me (haters gona hate). I dont know the reason for this hate as everything in the video seems to be ok... i think anyways. Do you guys know what i should...
  17. P


  18. Simon Erlic

    I Need Help with a Spammer

    So, I recently noticed a video popping up when you search my Channel, SupaSimon. Normally, I wouldn't care that much, but it became the first video that comes up when you search my channel name. This, bothers me quite a bit. I would be fine if it were some random video, but its a HACKING THREAT...
  19. K

    The Thing I Hate Most About YouTube

  20. H

    Auto mass dislikes?

    So yeah as the title suggests. Someone randomly went on all my vids and disliked them. So even my small ones at the begining with like 3 views have a dislike. How did you guys deal with this?