Mister Mikeyy

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Hi everyone! I am a young aspiring youtuber and content creator. During my first year on youtube I have managed to achieve one small yet significant milestone - 1000 subscribers!
I really want to work with other creators to try and grow our channels together and help each other!
As far as requirements go, the most important thing for me is the ambition. I would like to collaborate with people who genuinely love creating content and who wanna make the best out of it!
I make story time videos, rants , vlogs, advice videos etc.. mostly aimed at being comedic and entertaining my audience , so naturally someone in the same genre would be the most suitable collab for me! I am however always open to exploring new ideas and getting out of my typical genre so anything goes!
PS This is my first post on this website and I am feeling quite optimistic!
Hey mate, I'm from Australia, check my channel out. If you are keen we can arrange something. it would be great to get a bit of mentoring also