1000 subscribers

  1. Justine

    1,000 Subscribers!!

    So this is a lil late, because I've been out doing stuff all day today, but I found out a bit ago that I hit 1,000 subscribers and honestly, wow. All I can say is wow. I never thought i'd hit this number but here I am. Hitting it. I'm genuinely still shocked that 1,000 people saw my the videos...
  2. I

    How long did it take you to get approved for monetization after reaching 1000 subscriber?

    Hello, I was a youtube parter before they changed the requirements of needing 1000 subscribers. Well I'm currently at 990 subscribers and should reach my goal in the next few days. I'm totally stoked to start making money again (even if its just peanuts again) and can hardly wait. So how...
  3. Mark Stise

    How do I use YTtalk to grow my channel?

    Hello: Okay it is important for you to have a little bit of a backstory. I started out with a Star Wars the Clone Wars channel (I still have it) I gained a lot of subscribers by doing music videos, I really enjoyed doing that. Given the fact people enjoyed my videos I began doing charity videos...
  4. pioneer1

    Got 1000+ subscribers and 4000+ hours in under 2 months

    Hi, My new channel crossed 1000+ subscribers this morning and 5000+ watch hours (over 300 000 watch minutes) under 2 months. Very easy to achieve that with YouTube Ad campaign and about $150. I managed to get 1c clicks the way I optimised the campaign and also device targeting. Got lots of...
  5. BigBryanGames

    Begging YouTube to not take away my monetization

    I made a (hopefully) funny satire on YouTube taking away monetization from us smaller youtubers.
  6. hayaanda

    I Hit 1000 Sub last month and Reach 2000 Sub today

    ON September 1st 2017 My Channel Hit 1000 Subscriber i was very Happy, I keep on doing the hardwork today October 8th I hit 2000 Subscribers on my Youtube Channel, 4th of November 2017 I hit 3000 Subscriber, Am very happy seeing Suuccess in what am doing on youtube. This is just the begining of...
  7. Charmike

    1,000 Subscribers & Almost 30k views! Happy AF!

    A few days ago, I hit 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel called Charmike. I would like to thank every single subscriber who has subbed to me no matter the date. I have been inspired By JackSepticEye and as I restarted my YT channel in January (At 400 subs at that point) and in a few months...
  8. Rahi Official

    Goals for 2017

    2017 is coming. Share your goal for 2017 for your channel. Where do you want to see your channel in this new year. How many subs and view? Share!!!
  9. iEpitome

    I Have Recently Reached 1,000 Subscribers!

    I am so glad that I just reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, but knowing that there are numbers greater then 1,000 then that would mean that the grind won't stop. Any Support would be greatly appreciated!
  10. GameolioDan

    G'day Gang! 1000 Subscribers and a question for you all.

    G'day! Just rocked over the 1K mark a short while ago and it's been a great year so far getting to that point. Just wondering for folks who journeyed past that point, whether you noticed much of a difference in activity? It must just be a strange coincidence, and perhaps some of the more...
  11. jarrettholt2

    It's only been 1 Month....

    We hit 1,000 subscribers!! THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive of our journey, thus far!!!!
  12. pioneer1

    1000 Subscribers

    Hi all, What a relieve to get to this 1000 subscribers milestone. :) It took me over a year to achieve with lots of hard work, commitment and dedication. Now to the 10 000 mark :) Hard word does pay off in the long run. Don't give up!
  13. Robot Elixir

    Finally hit the big one after 2 years...

    So my channel finally reached 1000 subscribers the other day. YAY! It was the one big goal I set myself from the beginning of my YouTube channel over two years ago. I never really doubted I'd get here, I just didn't know how long it would take. I was hoping I'd get here within a year, but that...
  14. JCamb

    We Hit 800 Subscribers!

    it took like 8 months but it was totally worth it! at 1000 im giving away a ps4 too but thank you to everyone who subscribes to me! LOVE YOU GUYS
  15. Mister Mikeyy

    Other Looking for a cool international collaboration!

    Hi everyone! I am a young aspiring youtuber and content creator. During my first year on youtube I have managed to achieve one small yet significant milestone - 1000 subscribers! I really want to work with other creators to try and grow our channels together and help each other! As far as...
  16. Oliver Potter

    I have hit 1000 subscribers!

    It's been a journey but I have hit a milestone! A small one, but its a milestone to say the least! Next Stop 10,000 subscribers! Thank you to anyone who may have subscribed using YtTalk!
  17. TheNodeGaming


    Hello! I made my channel back in June and have since grown to almost 3,000 subscribers making tutorials (mostly Robux tutorials) and I want to switch to actually playing roblox. So if you are interested in making videos with me and you have 1,000 subscribers or more please tell me :D
  18. Olija

    Is 1000 Subscribers Possible?

    Hey guys, it's OJ and I was just taking a look at how far I've come on my channel in almost a year's time and I was wondering to myself and talk to my friends about it all the time....Am I Capable of hitting 1000 subscribers (and no this isn't bait to get to my channel, you don't have to sub or...
  19. JorRaptor

    Hit the 400k and almost at the 1000 subs :)!

    Hey guys! It took me a long time, but I've finally hit the 400k :) More excited by the fact that I am close to the 1000 subscribers. I took me around the 1,5 year with daily uploads to get this far, but according to many content creators the beginning is the hardest part. So hopefully it will...
  20. pioneer1

    1000 Subscribers

    Hi all, I finally reached the magical milestone of 1000 Youtube channel subscribers. Was very slow going and took 10 months to reach 1000 subscribers mark. Hopefully it will pick up and grow quicker.
  21. Cameron Arnold

    OMG 1000 Subscribers

    Im shaking so much right now ive finally reach 1k subs before this year ends my dream of making videos on YouTube is coming true little by little everyday I am so thankful for the people that took their time to watch subscribe to my channel its crazy and its still building up hopefully I can...
  22. Eric Bieller

    We just hit 1000 subscribers! Here's what we've learned.

    We started our YouTube channel around 8 months ago and I'm happy to say we've just reached 1000 subscribers! We know that in the grand scheme of YouTube, this is peanuts, but to a lot of us just starting out, 1000 is that first huge milestone we're all working towards. So I wanted to share what...
  23. Eric Bieller

    We made a 1000 subscriber celebration video! Is it funny?

    We just hit 1000 subs! To celebrate, we put together a short celebration video. I'd love to know what you think about it. Is it funny? Would it intrigue you to learn more about us and click through to our channel? We're also considering making the our channel trailer, but we're not sure if it...
  24. Voov

    1000 subscribers?! Unbelievable!

    It happened just today, and we're honestly really amazed by the support we've been getting so far, definitely proves that we need to keep on making more videos! Aside from that, recently hit over 2K views on a single video, which we hadn't done before either :) Unbelievable, again!
  25. DeathByVlog

    BOOM, 1K!

    I hit 1000 subscribers today! My biggest milestone yet. I started the channel November of this year and we have been loving every minute of it :) If you are new to the YouTube scene or still growing your channel, just stick with it and make the best content you can and growth will happen :)
  26. subversiveasset

    Does anyone else not get too excited about milestones?

    I actually just hit 1,000 subscribers a day or so ago, yet...my feelings about it have been very strange. As I passed other subscriber numbers (100, 500, etc.,) I didn't really think much about these. As I entered the 900s, I thought I felt excited about the idea of reaching 1000 soon...and...
  27. Joey Awesome

    I just gained 30 new subs in 3 days, finally hit 600 :)

    So my YouTube channel just grow a lot over the past few days, meaning that i gained 30 new subs in just 3 days :) I am really happy how my channel is finally growing a bit faster! :) So my next big goal is 1000 subs and if I keep doing what I am doing I'm gonna be there in no time :) Thanks for...
  28. berryslice

    1000 subscribers

    I just reached 1000 subscribers :D Not sure if i deserve it though to be honest...
  29. Jareth

    1,000 Subscribers!!!!

    Hey Guys Jareth Smith Here, I run a channel on anything to do with health & fitness and today I hit 1,000 Subscribers. This feels amazing to see something i've created grow at such a rate, I am also at 95,000 views at the moment trying to reach that 100,000 mark, if you could check out my...
  30. MZ-101

    Reached 100 Subscribers and growing!

    I'M HAPPY AND CONFUSED... So... A while back I've reached a hundred subscribers which was probably the most amazing thing that happened to me while perusing this... Over-glorified hobby. When reaching this milestone I felt as if... As if I was on an unstoppable momentum ride and I was going to...