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Robot Elixir

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So my channel finally reached 1000 subscribers the other day. YAY!

It was the one big goal I set myself from the beginning of my YouTube channel over two years ago. I never really doubted I'd get here, I just didn't know how long it would take. I was hoping I'd get here within a year, but that came and went. I just kept telling myself that I had to be patient, keep at it - and that one day something would happen.

And so in the last few weeks, when my channel was around the 900 sub mark, it REALLY gained some traction with the algorithm and my views just started to grow and grow and grow. From a steady 200 views a day it grew to 2000 views a day. It really took me by surprise and it was all relating to one video I made over a month ago. That video had the same modest start as all my other ones but one day it started to take off via suggested videos. It taught me first hand that you only need that ONE video to pop and your channel as a whole will be lifted with it.

So now I'm finally here - it feels great! I have already set new goals to start chasing and look forward to meeting them some day.

And so… some words of wisdom for those chasing their own YT goals.

Be patient.

Stay positive.

Never give up on your dreams.

Work hard and good things will happen.

Thanks for reading. ;)

ps. I make awesome robot videos. Search 'Robot Elixir' on YouTube.
Congratulations on hitting 1000! That's a huge step in the right direction. the sky's the limit from here on. Maybe this time next year you'll be announcing hitting 100,000 subscribers. Also, I just checked out your channel. Impressive stuff dude! Love the thumbnails
Thanks for the support Itsbeeray!
The sky ain't my limit though. I've got a one way ticket to the far reaches of the galaxy - here I go!

Best of luck fellow human…
o<[ ( *) # ( *) ]>o
Hahaha! My bad. I should have gone with the much more fitting, "reach for the stars" instead. Now go out there and make the galaxy yours
1000 subs is just a dream to me at the moment but congratulations on all of your hard work over the past 2 years! Inspired!