1k subs

  1. JustusJames

    Hiding sub count until 1k subs?

    Does anyone have advice on whether or not to hide subscription count until you have a significant following? After only having a channel for one month, my view count has been steadily growing, but I noticed that my subscriber count has been stuck after the initial surge from launching my...
  2. Nix

    Ayeee, just hit 100,000 OVERALL views! :D

    Just a pretty mad goal to hit really. Really puts the whole journey into perspective. Now time to hit 100,000 subs... Good day.
  3. Robot Elixir

    Finally hit the big one after 2 years...

    So my channel finally reached 1000 subscribers the other day. YAY! It was the one big goal I set myself from the beginning of my YouTube channel over two years ago. I never really doubted I'd get here, I just didn't know how long it would take. I was hoping I'd get here within a year, but that...
  4. OneManOneMic

    Just Hit 1,000 Subscribers!!!

    Very happy to hit the 1k milestone! Been taking YouTube seriously (uploading just about every Thursday) since August and I'm excited to see it keep growing :)
  5. SephiZack

    1k subs and 200k views after 9 weeks :D

    I'm sorry to make a thread so quick again, but I thought this milestone was worth mentioning. Basically I was making videos for almost 2 months, then 1 week and a half ago it jumped from 200 to 300 in some days. I thought the train would stop soon but now it's been going even faster and after 1...
  6. Calixo


    Hey guys, whats good, its your boy cali, Today i just hit 1000 subscribers, which just a month ago i honestly didn't see coming... i'de like to thank my mum my da... ok maybe not but still i'm incredibly happy with the progression of my channel so far For any of you guys who are unsure, bite...
  7. Itter

    One Step Closer

    Hello everyone. I just hit 40 subs on my channel and support has been crazy and I'm one step closer on hitting my goal of 1k subs so I just want to thank everyone.
  8. Buck

    Gaming Potential game collab 1k + subs

    Hello, You can call me Buck or Red from my YT channel RedDualshock. I am looking to collab with a number of you guys to help one another out. I recently finished a collab with DewyOtter who is a great guy and hopefully I can meet other great people too. Now there are some requirements: >There...
  9. N

    Gaming 1k subs collab!

    Hi, I have 1k subs and my skype is najib.326. I can do gaming collabs or post for post or anything. just hit me up
  10. DeathByVlog

    BOOM, 1K!

    I hit 1000 subscribers today! My biggest milestone yet. I started the channel November of this year and we have been loving every minute of it :) If you are new to the YouTube scene or still growing your channel, just stick with it and make the best content you can and growth will happen :)