Hiding sub count until 1k subs?


Does anyone have advice on whether or not to hide subscription count until you have a significant following?

After only having a channel for one month, my view count has been steadily growing, but I noticed that my subscriber count has been stuck after the initial surge from launching my channel. I'm wondering if viewers are typically more willing to subscribe if they see a large sub count (or lack of a small sub count, rather).

Anyone have a strategy for this?
If I was you I wouldn’t hide my sub count, people usually subscribe to channels that have a higher sub count because they don’t that channel seriously so if you hid your sub count they might not take your channel series and think that you don’t have any subscribers. I was happy when hit over a thousand because more was like that’s a channel that’s serious about uploading videos
I find it off putting when a channel hides there sub count. I really don't think that a lack of subs keeps people from subscribing anyway. you can tell its a small channel even if the sub count is hidden just by looking at the average number of views per video.
I'm wondering if viewers are typically more willing to subscribe if they see a large sub count
Maybe but I dont see any reason in hiding it. We have all started from 0 and if you make good content and work with SEO you will get your subscribers:) I also think some would avoid subscribing to channel who hide thier number but again it is just me guessing
I’ll admit seeing a decent sub count does make me more interested, because it gives the impression that the channel is seriously uploading. But I have subscribed to very small channels as well, it just depends on if I like the content really. If it has 5 subs and I love it I’m subscribing.

As others have said it does really put me off when sub count is hidden. I’ve never subbed to a channel that does that. It seems odd to me.
I will say not to hide it. I had the same question like 3 months ago and I think I posted it in this forum. I had like 100 subs at that time. People started subscribing because they like the content, because I upload regularly and because I answer comments. Also, they like seeing the channel growth and I still some of my first 100 subs still active. They feel proud for supporting when you had les than XXXX amount of subs and they want to keep you supporting you and see the channel grow.

Your channel is new, mine was the same way... people started subscribing when they saw I had more videos and I was being consistent! I would say... give them time and see if it changes! Hope it helps!
I don't think it is necessary to hide your subscribers count and may give away bad thoughts about your channel, also a channel without the subscribers count feels like it is missing something which makes it look a bit weird lol.
Some people are turned off by hiding your sub count. I tried it both ways and didn't notice any lack of subs coming in when I was first starting out. Don't bother hiding it.