1000 subs

  1. justread

    Subs and watch time difference - Question

    Most of us think about one thing and this is 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours, everyone knows what the reason is :) Since we are approaching 1000 subs mark I thought it will be easy to submit our channel for monetization but turns out that we are around 40% of these 4000 watch hours! In my mind, I...
  2. Matt Dean

    How I gained (almost) 1500 Subscribers in the past 6 months.

    Good day to you fellow Youtubers, My name is Matt Dean and I am Certified in Youtube channel growth. That is not however how I was able to grow my channel so quickly. Today, I'd like to share with you some of my experiences with the platform this past few months, what has worked for me. This...
  3. ASMRher

    How long did it take for you guys to reach 1000 subs?

    Just curious, how long did it take for you guys to reach 1000 subs? I'm gaining 1-2 subs each day but feels like it's a slow process. But I also don't want to do sub for sub, I want real audiences! Any suggestions?
  4. darkstarmedia


    When I first started my YouTube channel, I knew I wanted to hit 1,000 subscribers. That was the only "goal" I ever really set for myself; the rest of my time was dedicated to enjoying myself and sharing my interest in words with the world. Fast-forward almost 3 years - and here we are! I'm...
  5. PerfectlyJamie

    Other Looking for Lgbt+ Youtubers, Activists, and Feminists for Tv Show!

    Hey guys my name is Jamie. I have a channel based around lgbt+ people. At the moment I have a series called "Lgbt+ Small Steps". The season is on its way to a end, I have two spots open for this last season! But you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and up! The second season which I hope to...
  6. Charmike

    1,000 Subscribers & Almost 30k views! Happy AF!

    A few days ago, I hit 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel called Charmike. I would like to thank every single subscriber who has subbed to me no matter the date. I have been inspired By JackSepticEye and as I restarted my YT channel in January (At 400 subs at that point) and in a few months...
  7. OneManOneMic


    With about 1.3K subscribers I just passed 50K channel views :) I have been off my game for a bit but I now upload twice a week (every Tuesday and Thursday) and I've seen my average views per video go up! Really satisfying stuff! Now onto 100K views!
  8. jarrettholt2

    It's only been 1 Month....

    We hit 1,000 subscribers!! THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive of our journey, thus far!!!!
  9. pioneer1

    1000 Subscribers

    Hi all, What a relieve to get to this 1000 subscribers milestone. :) It took me over a year to achieve with lots of hard work, commitment and dedication. Now to the 10 000 mark :) Hard word does pay off in the long run. Don't give up!
  10. Robot Elixir

    Finally hit the big one after 2 years...

    So my channel finally reached 1000 subscribers the other day. YAY! It was the one big goal I set myself from the beginning of my YouTube channel over two years ago. I never really doubted I'd get here, I just didn't know how long it would take. I was hoping I'd get here within a year, but that...
  11. Jonatan Moser

    FINALLY 1.000 subscribers!!

    Hey community! I JUST HIT 1.000 SUBCRIBERS!! I am sooo stoked, I've been waiting for this for so long! I even made my first ever Q&A video for the occation... I'm just really happy about this. Have a great day folks!
  12. PC Noobs Gaming


    Lets get 2000 SUBS!
  13. DudeitsNeely

    20,000 Channel Views and 150 Subs!!!!!!!! Im coming for you 1,000 SUBS!

    SO my Channel is about a few things, Mostly entertainment/comedy. We have weekly sketches, Weekly fun Debates, and A weekly show that can consist of whatever. Recently Ive changed the format to this new format, When I got around the 100 subs mark I took a break. Which was a huge mistake. But now...
  14. OneManOneMic

    Just Hit 1,000 Subscribers!!!

    Very happy to hit the 1k milestone! Been taking YouTube seriously (uploading just about every Thursday) since August and I'm excited to see it keep growing :)
  15. SephiZack

    1k subs and 200k views after 9 weeks :D

    I'm sorry to make a thread so quick again, but I thought this milestone was worth mentioning. Basically I was making videos for almost 2 months, then 1 week and a half ago it jumped from 200 to 300 in some days. I thought the train would stop soon but now it's been going even faster and after 1...
  16. Calixo


    Hey guys, whats good, its your boy cali, Today i just hit 1000 subscribers, which just a month ago i honestly didn't see coming... i'de like to thank my mum my da... ok maybe not but still i'm incredibly happy with the progression of my channel so far For any of you guys who are unsure, bite...
  17. AMaazing

    1000 subs in 2 months!

    Every time I get a milestone, I end up posting here to thank everybody who's supported me. I felt that I was perhaps doing it too often, but I think this milestone is worth it. Two months ago, when I first created my channel, I secretly hoped to reach 1000 subs in April. It may have been...
  18. Jonatan Moser

    Another hunnerd' subs!

    Hey guuuuys! I just hit another hundred subs! Yay! :-D I am sloooowly closing in on the 1k mark, and hoping to get there before May! 704 down, 296 to go!
  19. JorRaptor

    Hit the 400k and almost at the 1000 subs :)!

    Hey guys! It took me a long time, but I've finally hit the 400k :) More excited by the fact that I am close to the 1000 subscribers. I took me around the 1,5 year with daily uploads to get this far, but according to many content creators the beginning is the hardest part. So hopefully it will...
  20. K

    Commentary Looking for a commentating channel with at least 600 sub

    So I am just looking to make a Collab with someone with at least 600 subs preferebly my size or even better bigger than me. You must get at least 100 views a video, 15 likes and 20 comments. That's it. My email: Spiri.gaming@gmail.com Also tell me the moment you contact me so I know because I...
  21. Cameron Arnold

    OMG 1000 Subscribers

    Im shaking so much right now ive finally reach 1k subs before this year ends my dream of making videos on YouTube is coming true little by little everyday I am so thankful for the people that took their time to watch subscribe to my channel its crazy and its still building up hopefully I can...
  22. Top10Videos

    Hit My 1,000 Subscribers Milestone!

    A little late but I just hit my 1,000 subscribers milestone. I got 1,000 subscribers on July 27 and has been a blast for me to keep uploading videos for the viewers! It's been 2 months since I uploaded my first videos so I am still very new to youtube. My channel has been increasingly growing...
  23. DeathByVlog

    BOOM, 1K!

    I hit 1000 subscribers today! My biggest milestone yet. I started the channel November of this year and we have been loving every minute of it :) If you are new to the YouTube scene or still growing your channel, just stick with it and make the best content you can and growth will happen :)
  24. Jareth

    1,000 Subscribers!!!!

    Hey Guys Jareth Smith Here, I run a channel on anything to do with health & fitness and today I hit 1,000 Subscribers. This feels amazing to see something i've created grow at such a rate, I am also at 95,000 views at the moment trying to reach that 100,000 mark, if you could check out my...
  25. KidCom

    2000 Subs!!!

    Well, it took me 6 months to get to 1000 subs, and roughly 2 months to get to 2000 subs, so I think it got better. Anyway, just want to share this humble achievement. Yay!!!
  26. Eyezak

    1000 Subscribers, 25k+ Views

    I recently hit over 1000 subscribers, with a total of 25k views. I'm really happy about it. Hopefully there's more awesome milestones to come. :) This forum has helped me a lot, and if I ever need anymore help, I'm going to make sure to come back to this forum. Thank you all! ^-^
  27. HeadbanginZombie

    Gaming Looking for Collab Partner! PC-CoD/Minecraft/GMOD ect.

    What up guys! First off, just wan't to say hi to you all! A little bit about myself: If you wish to collab with me, you should know a few things about me, I think that's only fair, First off, i am into the whole comedy side of gaming, i don't take all games super seriously and go for insane...
  28. Guns & Gadgets

    1,000 Subscribers & 150,000 Views hit on Thanksgiving!

    Hello, I hope everyone's Holiday season is off to a joyous start!! I hit 2 major (for me) milestones on Thanksgiving morning...1,000 subs & 150,000 views!! Just thought I'd share...it has been a part-time job really, BUT the hard work is starting to pay off!! Thanks, Jared Guns & Gadgets