Gaming Looking for Collab Partner! PC-CoD/Minecraft/GMOD ect.

Dec 15, 2015
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London England
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What up guys!

First off, just wan't to say hi to you all! A little bit about myself:
If you wish to collab with me, you should know a few things about me, I think that's only fair, First off, i am into the whole comedy side of gaming, i don't take all games super seriously and go for insane streaks or high score ect, if i see a window for something funny or random i'll take it, i don't mean i'd kill you ingame for the fun, i wouldn't say i'm a buzz kill in games, however just take note, i wont go super serious mode, I love a great laugh, love to just laugh a night away with randomness and weird conversations! Im an English lad (please take the time-zones into context), 17 years of age, Currently running on 1,120+ subs, have a big dream of wanting to get big on YouTube, and why the hell not do it with someone else! If you share the same enthusiasm, give us a bell on Skype- My Skype username is: jackrose1233 When adding me or messaging me, please make it clear your replying to this!

I would love to start a new series with someone, Doesn't matter what on! As long as it's a fairly new game or gamemode/style of playing, i hate copying and using old ideas unless, asked to do so by the audience, which i love to do, At the moment i'm enjoying CoD Bo3 the most, got some cool funny videos out that i really enjoyed making, i love a good random spot of GMOD no matter the gamemode, and thinking of maybe returning to Minecraft, if that sounds good to you, im sure we can work something cool out!

Cheers, Jack-
AKA HeadbanginZombie
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