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FINALLY 1.000 subscribers!!

Jonatan Moser

I've Got It
Hey community!
I am sooo stoked, I've been waiting for this for so long! I even made my first ever Q&A video for the occation...
I'm just really happy about this.
Have a great day folks!
anything is possible when you put your mind to it! :D you will all get somewhere if you keep on working hard and you keep on pushing XD
That's awesome congratulations on your milestone!:)
Thank you! :-D[DOUBLEPOST=1497707089,1497707066][/DOUBLEPOST]
Oh Jeez! that is awesome! :D you must be doing something right :'D, next up, 2,000 subs ;D good luck!
Thank you! I'll do my best!![DOUBLEPOST=1497707114][/DOUBLEPOST]
congrats mate 1000 is so good congrats
Yeah, I'm sooo stoked about it! :-D[DOUBLEPOST=1497707184][/DOUBLEPOST]
Congrats! I hope to one day get there myself. :)
Believe in yourself, stay dedicated and keep the quality up and you definitley will some day!