1. 1

    Need Girls for Talk/Q&A Shows

    We're looking for hot to average looking girls for our talk show. We pretty much talk about anything, nothing raunchy or weird. Topics like: "what keeps you attached", "are animals dumb or are we just really smart", "10 guys do that girls hate" We usually record at night around 8pm EST...
  2. TeeDottie1

    Ask me questions?

    Its for a video on the channel!! Please help or just video ideas for one, its just me today.
  3. Courtney Candice

    The most embarrassing date ever

  4. Courtney Candice

    The most embarrassing date ever

  5. Courtney Candice

    How to deal with negativity

    I was asked a bunch of questions for a q&a and the most asked question was how to deal with negativity
  6. Matthew Still

    Q&A time

    I'm collecting as many questions as I can from all my various social medias and web pages to answer in a video !!!! Leave your questions below they can be as weird or as serious as you like !!!!!
  7. Actually Anna

    First Q&A

    Hi! I’m wondering how I would go about filming my first Q&A and what questions I would answer? Thanks!
  8. Courtney Candice

    Can you be alternative and girly? Hot topic mini haul

  9. TheRealNishil

    Hilarious Q&A Questions

    Hello everyone! So last year I uploaded a Q&A video which was absolutely insane and cringey. Now I'm back at it again, one year later - for my second annual Q&A! Who knows. At least I know what I'm doing this time! AND this time I decided to troll the YouTube Talks forum (I know, I know. am...
  10. Eve Hemingway

    Q&A ideas for my channel

    Hey, I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this on but here we go... I have just started on YouTube this year. My channel is based on parenting and mental health so any questions people might want to know about that :D other than that, I'm open to any questions just so my subs can...
  11. Courtney Candice


  12. Born4Comedy

    Where do you want YouTube to take you?

    In my personal opinion, my end goal for YouTube would be to have hundreds of thousands if not millions of people watching my content and knowing that even if it's for a few minutes I've made that many people smile and laugh. Along the way I'd like to meet with other YouTubers and do...
  13. Courtney Candice

    Stranded Q&A

  14. DTay Chaos

    500 Sub & 100,000 VIEWS Q&A!!!

    Yo! Im doing a Q&A on my channel since i hit 500 subs! Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/dtaychaos ask me questions using the hashtag #ASKDTAY would mean so much to me! ps. if anyone with 500 SUBS+ Is willing to a q&a collab then reply asap thanks!
  15. DTay Chaos

    500 Sub & 100,000 VIEWS Q&A!!!

    Yo! Im doing a Q&A on my channel since i hit 500 subs! Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/dtaychaos ask me questions using the hashtag #ASKDTAY would mean so much to me! ps. if anyone with 500 SUBS+ Is willing to a q&a collab then reply asap thanks!
  16. PickleStar


    Hey, guys! I'm doing a super-duper 1K subscriber special for my channel, and I'm trying to get as many questions as possible! It's going to be up on Tuesday the 29th! Whoever sends in a question, I'll be sure to mention the name of your channel with the question, yo. I appreciate your guys help...
  17. Techicvi

    Q&A questions for a shout out

    Hi guys lookin for some questions for an upcoming Q&A on my channel (Techicvi) My channel isn't to do with tech (ironically) my channel is similar to that of eMBeaR, pewdiepie, 8bit Ryan and so on ... the questions can be as weird as you like I hope to eventually make it a weekly theme so...
  18. Courtney Candice

    What inspired me to make videos

  19. Courtney Candice


  20. Josephruben1999

    Q&A Video

    if you guys wanna be in the Q&A comment some questions and I will answer them :)
  21. H

    Need Questions You Would Want To Ask A Muslim I Will Feature Your Channels In My Video

    Hey I just wanted to do a series for people on asking muslims stuff like things you wouldn't want to ask your muslim friend or something but you would like to know that isn't really addressed so yeah just leave some questions down below you would want to ask a muslim if you got the chance. BTW...
  22. World Of Brad

    Quesions or topics for (Bad) advice video?

    I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place lol but I was wondering if anyone had some interesting topics or questions that I'd be able to address in an advice sort of video. I'd be making all the advice pretty bad on purpose though so the topics can be serious or jokey aha Thanks :)
  23. Elpixion

    Other Looking for some people for a live stream vlog thing/ Q&A thing (idk what part to put this in)

    So i had this idea where i get some other people over skype or something for a livestream (must have at least 10 subscribers) and our viewers just ask questions that we can answer and we also just talk to viewers and just have an interactive live podcast sort of thing if you are interested PM...
  24. Jonatan Moser

    FINALLY 1.000 subscribers!!

    Hey community! I JUST HIT 1.000 SUBCRIBERS!! I am sooo stoked, I've been waiting for this for so long! I even made my first ever Q&A video for the occation... I'm just really happy about this. Have a great day folks!
  25. ProfessionalRik

    Meet Me! [A Re-Introduction]

    A long, long time ago; in a galaxy far awa-- No, just kidding. I made an introductory video a while back that started off with the phrase "Who I am is not important." Since I've changed my mind and think I AM important now, I decided to try again.
  26. Techicvi


    I'm doing a q&a and questions would be much appreciated... you will get a shout out !!!!! They can be as weird or as crazy as you like!!!!! I'm exited to hear from you guys
  27. Michielmarto

    Hey guys if u have questions about youtube maby i can help!

    if u have some probs about yt maby i can help im a youtuber with 22k subs and some experience;)
  28. Alex Tyler


    Planning on doing a Q&A on my channel for Monday, If anyone has any questions I'm trying to answer as many as possible! Thanks so much :):up2:
  29. OfficialXeno


    Hey guys I am going to be doing a Q&A on a livestream later on today, so I need some questions to answer and I will shout you out in the stream and in the description. Many Thanks, Xeno =)
  30. Courtney Candice

    What inspired me to make YouTube videos?