Ask me questions?

A tank in the shape of a triangular prism is full of water. Find the work W required to pump the water out of the spout. (Use 9.8 m/s2 for g. Use 1000 kg/m3 as the weight density of water. Assume that a = 4 m,b = 4 m,c = 12 m, and d = 1 m.) You may have to use similar triangles to solve this problem so keep that in mind...
Just my 2 cents, Id say just pull some questions out of nowhere and say you got them from people online :p

What's your favorite part about making videos?

What are some challenges you face with making them?

Given $1k what would you buy to benefit your channel?

What does the color purple smell like?

Favorite color?

Would you ever dye your hair neon blue and pink?

AMD vs Intel?

Treasure planet vs Atlantis the lost empire?

This has been Insomniac sleep deprived questions with Kris! (Tho legit, Atlantis is best :p )