ideas for a video

  1. B

    I am looking for some specific type of videos

    Hi all I need some help pls. I am in the process of editing a short funny bit and i need a little part from a video. Let me explain Example: There are those short videos, funny made that for example they play with a ball and all of a sudden the ball is thrown at the camera and it jumpscares u...
  2. T

    Vlog Ideas.

    Hello guys, I've been on Youtube since 2016, and I'm always looking for things to post. I'm mostly doing vlogs, and some challenges, I don't have a specific kind of niche, but I do travel vlogs, every day vlogs, and etc. I'd love some ideas on what you think I could try? Or collab ideas and...
  3. P


    Hey guys I have a channel called Petersiksmotors it’s an automotive channel and we would like to know what you guys think we should do and what you would like to watch! Thank you and appreciate your time and help!
  4. TeeDottie1

    Ask me questions?

    Its for a video on the channel!! Please help or just video ideas for one, its just me today.
  5. Rad


    I recently posted a DIY Christmas decor, but I want to do more christmas videos in order to attract more audience during this time of the year. Any ideas or suggestions? What's trending?
  6. TheDubaiNetwork

    5 Best Ideas for Making Videos

    5 Best Ideas for Making Videos Best Video means which is interesting and people want to watch and like and share so this is the best So Famous Topic on Internet is Pranks Makeup Tutorial Like Hacks Experiment Best Vlog Like MO Vlog and Fouseytube and Other Drawings for Kids Learning
  7. M

    100 Subscriber celebration ideas

    Hello I just got 100 subs and I would like to know what I could do to celebrate 100 subs Little about my channel on my channel, I do animal videos and sometimes other videos like art and gaming ....I would like to do something animal related but I'm not sure what to do? If you have...
  8. Nazo The Weeb

    100 Subscriber Special for an Anime Channel?

    I've recently passed 100 subscribers on my anime channel and was currently getting ready to make a 100 subscriber special for my viewers. I was mainly planning to make video of me describing my favorite anime in a comedic way, but I also wanted to see if there is anything else I could take upon...
  9. T

    Challenge ideas or any other video ideas for a couple channel

    My boyfriend and i have a channel called Tressa and James. We need challenge ideas or just video ideas in general. Preferably videos that don't require a lot of supplies because we are tight on money. Please comment any suggestions you have. Thanks!!
  10. aayan

    Which is the most popular game now

    Guys i want to start making a new gaming video series. But i don't know which games is best on this time Give some idea!
  11. Josephruben1999

    Youtube ideas ??

    Hey guys tell me some youtube video ideas down below
  12. Pierre Maynard

    I'm making a Horror gaming series!

    So i have never done and actually made a series before! This will be my first time but is it okay that i make a Horror game series? It might just be me in the videos playing horror games getting scared lol. I'm going to be playing Daylight Horror PS4 game! Will it be okay to record a gaming...
  13. AaliyahF


    Hello everyone. It has been around 3 weeks or probably more since when I last uploaded a video. This was due to me being busy with school and personal life, however now I am free and is about to time for me to pay some attention to my channel. I would like to know what kind of videos people...
  14. Pierre Maynard

    I need help with making another video!

    So i have made some great videos lately,:D but now i have no idea what video to make next. Any ideas anyone? Hope you are all okay :)
  15. C

    Tell Me to Make a Skit About ANYTHING!

    I want see what concepts you think would be funny! What would you like to see?
  16. CrimsartHD

    Need ideas for a text based speedpaint video!

    Hey, so I have trouble finding ideas to do my speedpaint video's about, was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I could do for my speedpaint videos. I would like to keep all my speedpaint videos of me painting people their requests or job's I was given by them. Like a banner or avatar...
  17. Sunflower Tactic

    What are some upcoming games you all want to see

    Me and Eric are wondering what games are coming out that you all would like to see and would be interested in. Please don't say any older games.
  18. javacentral

    Videos about coffee ideas?

    So I've made videos about coffee killing people, coffee in different countries, reviewing coffee, and mixing gross stuff in coffee. I'm open to expanding on these ideas already but I'm open to any other ideas for a video that I haven't thought of yet.