Vlog Ideas.

Hello guys, I've been on Youtube since 2016, and I'm always looking for things to post. I'm mostly doing vlogs, and some challenges, I don't have a specific kind of niche, but I do travel vlogs, every day vlogs, and etc. I'd love some ideas on what you think I could try? Or collab ideas and suggestions?
I would try showing cool views/places/parks in the neighborhood, have you made a video where you explain how you do the whole youtube process? for example "I record with a gopro then edit on ipad than upload to youtube"
the Mall Athens video looks good, I wanted to see more easy wide shots of exterior & interior to get a better idea about the place, like at 0:29 you did a quick 1second wide shot pan of the 2nd floor/roof, it felt too fast, I wanted to see that architecture, so doing same but slower will allow a viewer to see what they want
Moved to the scripts / ideas / planning forum. :)

How about a video talking about what top 3 countries you'd like to visit and why. :)