Quesions or topics for (Bad) advice video?

World Of Brad

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I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place lol but I was wondering if anyone had some interesting topics or questions that I'd be able to address in an advice sort of video. I'd be making all the advice pretty bad on purpose though so the topics can be serious or jokey aha
Thanks :)
Here are some ideas that could work:

Advice for a first date.
Advice for a job interview.
How to pass your driving test.
How to haggle to make something cheaper.

Advice on talking to your crush.

How to cook to impress your boss.
How to Clean Your House.
What to do on a Blind Date.
How to beat a Videogame.
Finding Inner Peace inside (Insert Horrible Place Here).
What to do when buying a car.
How to balance your checkbook.
How to ask for a raise.
How to be popular.
How to get in shape.