Need Questions You Would Want To Ask A Muslim I Will Feature Your Channels In My Video

Hey I just wanted to do a series for people on asking muslims stuff like things you wouldn't want to ask your muslim friend or something but you would like to know that isn't really addressed so yeah just leave some questions down below you would want to ask a muslim if you got the chance. BTW, I will feature you in my video and it can be silly like do you wear your hijab in the shower to serious like why do you wear a hijab and i do wear the hijab so yeah it doesn't even have to be about hijab just islam in general too
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Comedy (funny, maybe a bit personally attacking)questions or questions you may actually also ask any other person?
Hey i think i might do a Q & A with the questions i have so far plus something else maybe a quick story time but you guys can still comment any other questions cause i will be making more q & a videos! the more the better! and i will be sure to include the people who have kindly given me questions!