Q&A questions for a shout out


I've Got It
Hi guys lookin for some questions for an upcoming Q&A on my channel (Techicvi)
My channel isn't to do with tech (ironically) my channel is similar to that of eMBeaR, pewdiepie, 8bit Ryan and so on ... the questions can be as weird as you like I hope to eventually make it a weekly theme so instead of questions we share weird stories and things... leave ur questions below and I'll answer them in a video ... you will get a shout out

Ps: players ignore my last Q&A post
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If you could collab with any Youtuber of your choice, who would it be and why?
What has been your weirdest online gaming experience?
What is the clumsiest/most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
What's your least favorite food? Whats the most bizarre gift you've ever received? What is the most anticlimactic moment you've ever experienced? What app on your phone do you use the least but never want to delete? What animal do you hate? What three countries would you like to live, visit or cancel completely?