1. LifeAsJenny

    When the best time to do a Q&A

    When is it a good time to do a first Question and Answer video? What i mean is does it matter how many subscribers i get or views? I'm trying to do one. I've only gotten 2 questions. I've posted it on all my social media sites saying i was doing one and i'm feeling discourage on this since i've...
  2. McKnowItAll

    Doing a Q&A video! Need your questions!:)

    Alright soooo i would love to do a Q&A video butttt there's only one thing i don't have.... that's right i don't have any questions to answer hahah, So that's why i need you guys to ask me some questions! Any questions at all except any really personal questions!:) Thank youuu very much and Have...
  3. Malarki


    I wanted to do something different from my usual gameplay videos. And I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A, maybe with a few assignments. For example eat a spoonful of cinnamon. So please ask me your weird/funny questions! I will probably make a printscreen of the questions(and your name) and...
  4. Abby Sloan

    Need questions for a Q&A (shoutouts to anyone who asks)

    Hi, I'm trying to do a Q&A so if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments here or on my channel or my tumblr (casual-cacti.tumblr.com)! All people the people who ask questions on my tumblr or youtube will get shoutouts! Thanks so much! Abby
  5. batslyfe

    DOING A Q&A [FREE SHOUTOUT!] Everyone who comments will be shouted out!

    I am making a Q&A! It can be a messed up or personal question! Anyways, put your questions here! Or on my Instagram! [Recommended] On my Instagram go on Batslyfe and comment on my latest post your question!
  6. Bre

    Great Dane Puppy Q&A

    Hey Guys, so I recently brought home my new fur baby. Zoe is a 10 week old great dane puppy, I got her 3 weeks ago.I wanted to introduce her to my viewers on my channel but I feel like most pet tags are pretty basic. So I wanted to do it more Q&A style! If you have can come up with any question...
  7. Musi Gamer

    Ask me a thing... or not... but hopefully you will... maybe.

    I'm doing a Q&A and I need questions to answer because reasons and maybe you are kind enough to give me said questions. If you're not, then poop right in your ear. We don't need your negativity around here. This is a positive place, ya glork.
  8. Elissa Jordan

    #AskEllie- I WANT YOUR QUESTIONS! :)

    Hey guys! So, my name is Elissa Jordan and I run a channel called Elissa Jordan (original, I know XD) on YouTube. I started a series called #AskEllie a while back, but I only posted one video in the series, so it's about time I made another one. SO, comment below your questions! :)
  9. TheMiningDucks


    I need Q&A questions just comment some random ones on this thread! My channel link is here! | v
  10. Rehannah

    Need Questions for Valentine's Day Q&A

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about uploading a Valentine's Day Q&A some time soon and I was wondering if you can leave questions below? Nothing inappropriate or weird. Anyways thanks in advance ~Rehannah
  11. DeathByVlog

    500 SUBSCRIBERS in 3 months! Q&A Time :)

    We blew past our subscriber goal and wanted to celebrate with our first ever Q&A video. We would love to hear what you all think about it and how we might be able to improve on the next one. Thanks!
  12. Ninja

    800 SUBSCRIBERS Q&A ft. Ferret

    Pikea says hi c:
  13. GooberVlogs

    Q & A Questions.... Hit 100 Subscribers

    Wazzup everyone =) I just hit around 105 subscribers and I had people tell me to do a q & a video.. I ask people to ask away on twitter but I don't have that many followers... Can you all shoot me some questions and I will make a video and have your question in the video =)
  14. Nexz

    Questions for a Q&A

    Hey I'm doing a Q&A soon. to get you're questions on my video just post them here,twitter or on my youtube comment section. They can be as random as you would like and you can also ask me to do weird s**t in the video :) Go Nuts
  15. IIDeeDeeJay

    Gaming A YouTuber Who Does Funny Moments, Q&A's, Vlogs and More!

    I'm looking for people to collaborate with for funny moments videos on games like GTA5 and more! I have 4.8K Subscribers currently and I am looking to collaborate with people around the same size as my channel. Some Requirements I Also Have: - Confident In Videos - Atleast 4K Subcribers or a...
  16. Crazychrain

    400 Sub Q&A

    So grateful for 400 subs! Here's my 400 subscriber Q&A!
  17. JenPirante

    Q & A Collaborations

    Hey everyone! I would like to start posting a weekly Q&A video responding directly to YouTube comments of random questions. I know that there are tons of questions spread across the forum, but I would like to be able to feature your channel with your questions if anyone is interested. I can...
  18. GrgakGames

    I'm so sorry

    I'm doing a Q&A since everyone is doing it Also since the whole 400 subs and Christmas coming along. So ask me anything. It could be about my channel or about me Or it could be stupid I don't care. Okay
  19. A

    300 Subscribers and 15k views!!

    Ahh, I'm actually so please right now. I've been trying to get to this milestone for a while because I was planning a Q&A when I sit 300 subs! (If you want to ask me a question ad be featured in my Q&A check out my latest video!!) Also, HOW have I got 15k views?! I don't even have 100 videos on...
  20. Leonard Melnik

    Looking for someone who likes tech who is young to make a collaborative Q&A with me

    I am a teenager ( my account got messed up ) and I really love tech. I have a lot of friends but they are all mostly interested in games. So, im looking for someone who has a YouTube channel ( who is a teenager ) to collaborate with and hopefully form a partnership! You can contact me at...
  21. SeaOfDreams

    A Rather Interesting Q & A

    Hey guys I'm new to this site, and thought I'd share with you a Q&A I uploaded a week or so ago The link is below. All feedback is welcome, thanks :)
  22. LionDude12

    Q&A Help!

    So i Don't Know where this post goes so i will put it in help! i want to do Q&A! Ask Me Questions on here :)
  23. AlbaLnz

    Q&A is ready!

    Hello people! I asked a few weeks ago on the forum for questions related to depression and here is the result. I hope you guys enjoy it =)
  24. caperco

    How do you make Q&A questions appear in your video?

    If anyone knows will someone make a tutorial or tell me how please!
  25. Majerecarn

    Need Q&A Questions!

    Okay so if you haven't yet been on my channel, then I do (or try to do) weekly Q&A videos! With so many Q&A videos to be made, I need even more questions! Normally my past videos have had averagely 4/5 questions, however, I want to make this next one a big one, with at least maybe 15/20...
  26. SauceOne

    ASK ME SOME QUESTIONS, MUTHAFROGGERS! (900 Subscriber Special)

    Hey everyone! I just recently hit over 900 subscribers on my channel, and I'd like to celebrate it by answering people's questions! I did one of these last year, but this year, I want it to be bigger, badder, and epic(-er?). Go ahead and ask funny questions, serious questions, any questions you...
  27. Andrio


    Hi there person! I'm almost at 150 subs!!!! I'm doing a q&a right now so please ask me some questions for me to answer and you'll even be in the video! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. AlbaLnz

    Depression, anxiety and mental health Q&A

    Hello guys, For the past month I've been working on bringing more awareness over these issues since it is a highly stigmatized and misunderstood topic. I struggle with depression and since the last episode I became a fighter and decided to help others, not only giving some advice but also...
  29. carlo202

    Hey i'm doing Q N A

    Hey i'm doing Q&A so i would be thankful if you could write a question in a video thanks for reading:) :woot2::running:
  30. Talooka


    The latest Talooka Talk Box episode is up! Check it out! This week's question was submitted by our own Juzey here on the forums :P Post a question or challenge and it'll go in the Talk Box too! Criticism is appreciated.