DOING A Q&A [FREE SHOUTOUT!] Everyone who comments will be shouted out!


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I am making a Q&A!
It can be a messed up or personal question!

Anyways, put your questions here!

Or on my Instagram! [Recommended]

On my Instagram go on Batslyfe and comment on my latest post your question!
What has been your favorite video to make? Whether it was the most fun, best learning experience, or most challenging!
What are your plans for your channel, do you have any ideas you would like to try out, if so what would that be?
What caused you to decide you wanted to become a Youtuber? Was it the famous? Or maybe someone you watch inspired you to?
What did you do last Tuesday? What did you eat for breakfast yesterday? Who is you're favorite elvis impersonator?

What... you said it could be personal~