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300 Subscribers and 15k views!!


I Love YTtalk
Ahh, I'm actually so please right now. I've been trying to get to this milestone for a while because I was planning a Q&A when I sit 300 subs! (If you want to ask me a question ad be featured in my Q&A check out my latest video!!)
Also, HOW have I got 15k views?! I don't even have 100 videos on my channel yet..

Also not sure how great im doing, 2 and a half years, 90+ videos, 16k views and 300 subs? Who knows!

Ahh! This is a weird milestone, but I'm actually so chuffed with how far I've gotten! I never would have thought i'd reach 100 nevermind 300... It might be a small number for some but its almost a third of 1k!! thats a lot to me!!
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Yes it's big already.. Oh I see to get lots of views you need lots of uploads too.. Right now I have 175 subscribers but only have 500 views.. Maybe I need to work more and more and more.. :)
I think it's impressive you've got so many subscribers from only 500 views! that amazing

Thankyou very much!

Most of them came from friends and family.. And family telling their friends also about my daughter.. :) and most of them are from the philippines.. :) 70% of my subscribers are filipinos.. Although some that are in the other country are also filipinos too.. You know filipinos love working abroad.. And some of them are from friends I've met here in yttalk.. :)