1. O

    Please review my YouTube Channel & give your honest feedback & suggestions.

    This is a new YouTube channel & I don;t have much experience in creating videos or writing scripts. But I found the content funny, I'm just not sure if people will also find it funny. Here is a link to my channels: Please check it out & share your valuable...
  2. D

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking for collaboration and friends Scotland UK

    Hi everyone, :D I'm looking to make short comedy sketches on YouTube and would love to meet others that are able to join me. I have written many sketches but can't perform them by myself. I'd love to make friends that would enjoy making videos as a hobby to get the channel going and have fun...
  3. P

    Short Film Short comedy movie with Dolphy.

    Comedy short movie by Dolphy
  4. Have You Laughed Today?

    Comedy #Funny #HaveYouLaughedToday #Epicfails

  5. J

    too funny, really
  6. D

    Comedy I’m YTdragon

    Hi I’m YTdragon and on my channel you will find me getting in trouble it’s really funny so enjoy! My link is right here : subscribe to me!!! I need to be a big YouTuber!!!
  7. Miss Grace

    Comedy Parents ka Jawab Nahin - Comedy Funny #Shorts #youtubeshorts

  8. Prince-strong

    Comedy Best comedy with strong comedy...

  9. K

    Gaming Looking to Collab! Collaboration

    Hey my name is Chris I'm 19 y olds My channel: I am looking for some people to colab with on various titles Rainbow Six Siege CS:GO Minecraft Apex Legends Garrys Mod And pretty much anything underneath the sun, I am a explicit...
  10. L

    Comedy Top 10 funniest comedians that made simon cowell laugh | got talent global .

    Top 10 funniest comedians that made simon cowell laugh :biggrin::biggrin::D | got talent global .
  11. Icefrika

    Comedy He Tried To Touch My Body | Pawpaw | Nigerian Comedy Skits

    Pawpaw Tried To Touch My Body | Nigerian Comedy Skits. Watch, Like, Share, & Subscribe For More. Stay Tuned & Keep Watching Icefrika TV Follow Icefrika On Facebook Connect With Icefrika On Telegram Subscribe Now Email...
  12. M

    Comedy 2020 en 4 minutes

    En réponse au défi du président de la république, nous avons effectué cette chanson et ce clip. Rappel : si cette vidéo atteint les 10 MILLIONS de vues, on obtient un concours d’anecdotes avec le président. Chanson disponible partout : Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Limewire, Emule, etc. Les...
  13. Dragonstar89

    Review my first Christmas special?

    Hello and Happy Holidays! Hope your holiday has been good this year. I've wanted to get a Christmas special made since I just started youtube again in August. My channel is a mix of whatever seems like fun to make and produce, usually crass lets plays and some stupid skit stuff. I did a lets...
  14. Life Things

    Comedy Comedy skit, with collab

    I want to collab with someone to make a comedy skit. Let's make some people smile. No matter how small or big your channel may be, you are free to join me. You have to be atleast 15 to be able to collab with me. To reach me, DM me on instagram: @justlifethingzz. Channel: Just Life Thingz
  15. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking For Funny Youtubers

    I am a Youtuber with over 6k+ total subs between 2 channels. One channel has around 4,600+ and my other one which I create funny content on has almost 1,400. I'm looking for Youtubers that have at least 500+ subscribers, 18+, and are funny who don't take games super serious. I also don't like...
  16. M

    New Comedy Youtube Channel! Need help

    I just started my YouTube channel that is a completely brand new way of comedy. I use a filter with a voice changer to prank people on social media live streaming. I believe I am the first to do this on youtube. Please give me any suggestions on how to improve my channel!
  17. ItsBeeRay

    Why is Tuna called Tuna FISH? - A Rant

    The most important video you'll watch today.
  18. fartoons

    I've Had a YouTube Channel Since 2005...

    Hi, I started a YouTube channel in 2005 (if my memory is correct). I have gone through a lot since then. Back in 2007 my channel was removed and I can't even remember why. So from 2007-2019 I had a little over a million views and around only 1,200 subscribers. Then I removed all of my videos...
  19. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking for Collab

    I'm a youtuber with about 6,000 subscribers between 2 youtubes. However I'm looking for people to collab with based on my channel "Guushi". On that channel I have 1,300 subs and I upload funny content once weekly. I'm 27 years old and looking for a group of people that are at least over 18, have...
  20. its kind of a grey area

    Comedy Fun 2K Subscriber Youtube show Looking to collaborate!

    Hey everyone. We’re are the hosts of “It’s Kind of A Grey Area”. A comedy talk show about hypothetical situations, real life stories, and crazy topics. We’re looking for some fun youtubers Or podcaster to do come collaboration videos with. Check out our show and feel free to email us at...
  21. MasterDF

    I Make a Hotdog Martini

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  22. MasterDF

    I Make a Hotdog Martini

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  23. MasterDF

    I Make a Hotdog Martini

    check out my new video! let me know if you like it!
  24. Atheno

    Comedic Vlog/Prank Channel - Let me know what to improve

    Comedic Vlog/Prank Channel - Could someone review my latest video and tell me your honest opinion on it and what I can improve?
  25. Kevin Gamez

    Tik Tok Cringe F boy Edition

  26. C

    Gaming Looking for good YouTubers to collab with...

    I am looking to collab with others and become friends :) Here are the requirements: Must be 16-18 Must have a decent mic Only PC or cross-platform games Must be active My time zone is BST but I'll accept other time zones Must speak English
  27. MasterDF

    Guess the Drawing with my Boyfriend!

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  28. Kevin Gamez

    There are some really CRAZY PEOPLE on Omegle!!!!!

    Omegle Encounters | Oh People!!! EP.3
  29. MasterDF

    Mukbang on Accutane: Month 2

    Please check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  30. MasterDF

    Mukbang on Accutane: Month 2

    Please check out my new video! Let me know what you think!