do youtubers with autism get hate/judged/bullied? (please give advice! wanting to make vids but afraid)

i've wanted to start making vids but i'm afraid. it seems very random as for which channels get judged though i haven't looked into it much. All help is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.
I understand your worries and I'm going to be frank with you. The risk is real. It's not an illusion, it's not just in your head, hate and bullying can happen to literally anyone on the platform. I think that the fear of this judgement multiplies if you're somehow different from majority of people. Be it the spectrum, sexuality, unusual opinions or ethnicity.

That being said, I believe that it is not something you're going to experience from most people on YouTube and those who will give you trouble are few and far between. And considering the recent update on hate speech and harassment, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Check out this guy. He's a Youtuber on the spectrum. He did really well on YT and receives great feedback from his fans and people in general, whether they're on the spectrum or not.

I have met and subscribe to a person with Autism. I also appear in one of his videos as a guest.

Given his disability and effort, I think most viewers who are aware of the fact would respect the person involved. This is the channel:

It actually has more subscribers than some contributors ever achieve, which says a lot about peoples attitudes to handicap.

So a precedent is there and I know for a fact that creators with autism are widespread throughout social media. Some have been very successful. The degree of autism is probably the only limiting factor.

We all get a few haters and nasty comments. That's why you have the ability to approve/disapprove comments and hide viewers who offend. You are in control of the situation, if you use the facilities provided by YT.

So my advice is to try YT and deal with any issues if they occur, same as we all have to.


When your posting videos on YouTube and get well know your are much more likely to hit people they hate, judge' bully just because you exist. It's the price that a lot of Youtubers pay. The great thing about it is that the fan base you create will inevitably make all of it worth while. The a**holes online that are there just to discourage you because ants compared to the bigger picture.
Yes, BUT ALL YouTubers get Hate and Haters from time to time.
Delete their comments, block them and move on..
Best of luck to you.
You will get negative comments if you choose to become a youtuber, but it will have nothing to do with you or anything about you. There are just some people in this world who's life is so miserable, they have to go around spreading their misery to everyone and everything. So, no matter what anyone says to you, always remember the old saying;

"Anytime someone points a finger at you, they are point three fingers back at themself"
The honest truth of our society today is that whenever anyone puts themselves out on any social media platform they are subject to bullying, whether they're disabled, in the spectrum or an average person.
That's because no matter what, there are always going to be people who think it funny to taunt, bully, flame troll, etc etc etc.

They do it for various reasons, jealously, hate, boredom or they just want to draw attention to themselves.
But these people are usually cowards, if they see someone drawing a lot of support and know that if they start a scene they'll have an entire community of people telling them off then they won't start any trouble.
Trust me, people would bully guys like Pewdiepie and Mr. Beast if those two had hardly any subscribers or supporters.

My advice to you is to do what makes you happy. If you're happy and enjoy doing youtube videos then do them. It's entirely possible that you could pick up a hater or two, but if you show them that they can't get to you and that you're not afraid of them then that makes them the loser and you the winner.

A social media bully only wins when they stop you from expressing or enjoying yourself online.
themysteriousmrenter is a pretty successful youtube who has stated several times on his channel that he has autism. Idk if he has suffered harassment but he's never made a video on it and his content doesn't seem to change that much at all. If you're afraid about being bullied for it I guess just don't mention it, and if you have to mention it I'd avoid comments for a little bit. I haven't seen any comments on his channel about his autism like, ever, but he's also been known to be autistic for a long time. So I'd say after you initially make it known you have autism, avoid comments for like 6 months, after that point you're probably safe.
Do people bully? Unfortunately, all the time.
Do online people bully? With the anonymity, some people say things online they would never say in person.

However you're going to meet amazing, supportive, open-minded, like-minded people also.

Some people feel you should allow all comments to remain on a video you've uploaded - but I personally don't prefer that idea. I say don't let your videos be a platform for hateful, ignorant, or stupid people and their comments. Delete the intentionally ignorant comments and move on. It's hard to imagine how empty the lives of online trolls and bullies must be. Don't feed them or allow them a platform on your work.
I understand your fears. I can understand because I can relate. You see, I also have autism, but it's very mild.

Parts of my mild autism are stuttering and anxiety. I started YouTube in September of 2019. Before I started at that time, I have wanted to make a channel for a long time, but it never came. Because I got made fun of at school. People would always tease at me for my stuttering and they put me down. And I was afraid that they would do the same thing on Youtube.

However, in September, something kicked in. I don't know what it was, but it was something. Something got me the courage to not be afraid anymore. To stop being put down by bullies.

I stutter alot and get anxiety in some of my videos, but they never put me down. I just act like it was nothing.

Really, what I'm trying to say is: the main thing that helped me get courage was patience. For me, patience is what got me the courage to start a YouTube channel.

Take time to overcome your fears, and you will find the courage to start your own channel.

All the best,

Marvel Dude.