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Do you have a comment on a video that's dumb, wrong, crazy, or just annoying? Well, post it here! I think most can agree that seeing YouTubers read their hate comments can be entertaining, so reading each other's should be fun to some extent. This can also help new users to the forum realize that literally everyone gets hate for videos about anything.

Here's one of my Favorites:
Whenever I read YouTube comments, it seems that everyone on Youtube either has a mental age of 10 years old or they're just trying waaaaay too hard to be edgy or funny. Or maybe I'm getting old. ^^

Anyway, here is a comment that annoyed me for some reason. This was not a comment on my channel. I was watching a video about budgies (I like birds lol) and then scrolled down and saw this comment:


I mean WOW, what an amazing comment. He/she has written the subject of the video several times with a different number of letters. Incredible. :rolleyes:

I'm not sure what annoys me the most about it. - The pointless comment itself or the fact that it has 12 upvotes lol. I guess some people are easily entertained?

Rant over.
I can deal with the comment but who are those voting the comment? There is nothing entertaining about that.If the person was trying to use text to make some form of arts I can understand it will entertain some people.