how do you...

  1. Jacadamia

    How do I Make Videos in College? What do you do?

    So I just started off my whole youtube shabang, and although it's really early in the game, I know I want to continue it! The thing is though, I'm going to college for my first semester at the end of august, and I'm not sure how plausible that would be. Sure I'd have to balance studies with...
  2. aarondafish

    How do you deal with haters?

    Just a random question. Ive recieved some hate over the past year. What i do is just reaspond to it just like a normal comment and try to laugh it off. What do you guys do?
  3. UnitedF1HD

    How do you come up with your video ideas?

    What do u guys do to come up with ideas? what stages do you pass through? how long? E.T.C... For me Most of my ideas come from when i am sleeping and when im watching other vids. I Write them up in a word document and when i need ideas i just look through it and pick out the ones i need/want.
  4. SwankGaming

    How Do You Feel About Giveaways?

    Giveaways is something a youtuber do to give back to the people that have been supporting them and done the right way and for the right reason it doesn't sound bad quite humble, but from what I've been seeing some people take advantage of giveaways. There are some youtubers who post giveaways at...