How do you come up with your video ideas?

since i have a photographical memory for things not from school i always remember them. i usually come up with them as my going home from school on my bike or the bus. the journey is around 12 kilometers long so i always go daydreaming over my music comming out of my headphones. and that way i somehow get ides. now i only have to get the edit skills to make them to a video :)
Ideas just come to me throughout the day. Sometimes I can think of an idea for a video on the spot and develop it further and others might take longer and need some more planning. I've always been pretty good at improvisation and I'm very creative and imaginative so coming up with ideas isn't a very big problem. Trying to show it in the video is the difficult bit
I have a notebook where I write down anything that comes to mind that could potentially make a good video. Sometimes I'm able to develop it into something, but often I just end up saving it for later use.
i do the same thing lol i have a pocket note book where i jot down alot of stuff within my mind that can become potential commentary topics and I am trying out new things on my channel such as duel coms so yeah it will be a blast :) try to mix things up
I write a list of things I want to do, then plan what I want to achieve, then search random resources for expanding my idea.
write up a draft and then press record.. it's a 5 day process until I develop my ideas. Sometimes I 'm lucky and get multiple ideas and record them at once, then some weeks I just put out the "just incase" videos when I lack creativity that week.