1. tatesyt95


    IMPORTANT : These are the cheapest and highly rated video editor freelancers sorted out for you.
  2. Samuellious

    Free traffic + step-by-step training included

    The product creators are experts at driving no-cost traffic - and they’ll show you exactly how to do it. Enjoy ALL the benefits of premium traffic - higher conversions & fast results - with NONE of the costs In addition - the vendors share STEP-BY-STEP training on exactly how to start from...
  3. S

    Join the Small Youtuber's Discord! - Get help from Fellow Youtubers

    Anybody under 5,000 subs is welcome! Enjoy an active and engaged community to help you build your youtube channel.
  4. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Gaming Group(Festive vids coming) PC

    Hey I am looking for ppl to collab with who is funny and can take a joke...we both gain but it doesn't matter its the funny moments I live for ;) Making a Christmas special vid soon so I can start on my best of 2018 1) Whats your channel name? 2) How many subs(Doesn't matter just curious)...
  5. R

    Vlog Any YouTubers currently travelling Africa? Looking for dope people to collab with :)

    Hey ho! I'm currently travelling down the african west coast and it would be amazing to travel or collab with one of you guys to create some dope videos :) If you're not in Africa or travelling full-time, no worries! Just reach out to me, I'd love to exchange and connect with you anyway :)...
  6. soam

    Vlog Any YouTubers here from chicago, up for collab ?

    Hi, I will be in Chicago for 4 days in October 2nd week. Just in case anyone from tech or vlogging or photography/filmmaking or road tripping or super bikes background wants to hang out and collab, lets do it. Just in case anyone wants to see the channel and my content before deciding about...
  7. RenOperative

    Gaming Searching For Chill, Enthusiastic YouTube Gamers Willing To Join A Gaming Collab Group

    Our goal: We’re extensively searching for proper, gaming candidates who are willing to start an organic relationship with a Discord group centered on nerd culture. We want to extend an olive branch with people who might be interested to join this opportunity for people who are interested in...
  8. Jimmy44

    who wants to collaborate with me and Exploring and going on an adventure

    Hi my name is Jimmy a small YouTuber and The three videos I made on YouTube or not that good to me and Why I want to collaborate with Somebody and Exploring abandoned houses and abandoned places and Ghost Adventures and haunted videos And go travelling Adventure Time and I live in Michigan...
  9. Vasa

    Other What youtubers are there in north west England with 5,000 to 20,000 subscribers that you watch?

    Hey guys... so I’m doing a project in college and want to find some local youtubers with a lower following than mainstream... Maybe 5,000... 10,000 or 20,00! The areas cover from chester to Liverpool to Manchester... that sort of area If you know of any youtubers that fit this sort of...
  10. Khappa

    Vlog Building a collaboration Space

    Project: building a space for artists and youtubers. I am looking for a space at London dedicated to everyone who wants and needs to create his own videos. I just wanna fill the space with some required equipments: chroma key walls and a little stage The space doesn't need to be very large...
  11. nakiaxo

    Want to follow a genuine YouTuber? your looking at it!
  12. JoseeyM

    What Warning or Advice do you have for New Youtubers

    What do you all think Youtubers just starting YouTube with YouTube new policy should do to avoid violating any of their rules or be successful on YouTube and also get to the level of great YouTubers.... and also advice on what to do to get more views and subscribers including methods and how to...
  13. MetricateGames123

    Meet Up/Gathering Manchester YouTubers! I'm calling you out!

    Hey my fellow Manchester creators (if any) I'm searching for talent within the Manchester area. I've been at it all day. Through Google searches, YouTube searches, forums. You name it. Everything I've found so far seems to be left in the past (to the point that nobody that was searching for...
  14. D

    Gaming Looking To create a Streamer/Gamer Group.

    Hello, i have recently started a twitch channel where i am playing a mixture of games. i am looking into having a server filled with streamer/youtubers where all content creators can collaborate with one another. If possible i am going to create a second channel with some people where we can do...
  15. Unearned

    xbox one/ pc looking to collab with other youtubers.

    I am 13 and looking for other gaming youtubers to upload with. I have a pc but mostly use my xbox one. Lookin for 13+ to collab and have fun with. I have mostly free games on pc and GMOD. On xbox i have games like rainbow six seige titanfall 2 friday the 13th Mortal kombat saints row 4 watch...
  16. A

    Should I follow my dreams even if my parents are against it?

    So i've been doing YouTube for about 4 months and I have 428 subscribers. This is great and all, and this might come off a bit greedy, but I want MORE. I am a very humble person and I feel like there is so much I could offer to the YouTube community. The only problem is, my parents are totally...
  17. Pierre Maynard

    FIFA 18 Northampton Town Career Mode EP2 | FINDING FORM

    Hello everyone it has been a while but i'm back with some more FIFA gameplay! :D Let me know what you think of this episode, or what could be improved? Also as i mentioned at the end of the video, comment which is your favorite Anime at the moment as i am a fan because i love it :D Thank you...
  18. TheBuffMuffin

    Drawing Youtubers

  19. ATM Nation

    Vlog Houston couple looking to collab

    We are new 28 year old YouTube couple looking for other couples to collab with. We would be doing different challenges, vlogs,pranks,etc If you are interested please let us know.
  20. Bull

    Gaming Looking for X-PLANE 11 or ETS2 fans.

    Hi Everyone, As the title says, I'am looking for people from the Flight Sim World on youtube, viewers or channels to callobrate with me. I hope I can find my target audience from here.
  21. D

    Gaming Looking For Youtbers Streamers and Gamers (PC)

    Hello im a small youtuber with 45 subs and im the owner of a discord group! Im looking for people who want to have fun, play games, and do collabs! if you want to join all you have to do is have a ok mic, be minimum of 13 yrs old atleast 1 video every 1-2 weeks and be active. either join...
  22. BinoDino

    Gaming looking to callab with ps4 gamers

    hey im looking to callab with ps4 gamers ------------------------------------------------------------------- -fortnite -battlefield 1 -2k18 -Gta -Rainbow 6 siege
  23. Diversified Unison

    Ed Sheeran- Supermarket Flowers

    Share this song with with your love ones. Also lets remember those who we loved and lost.
  24. Diversified Unison

    Any Youtuber From Canada??

    Hey I'm from western Canada and hoping to know my fellow Canadian youtubers. Let me know which part of Canada you are from and what is your channel about. Thank you!
  25. helloimtim

    doing it for the $$$

    Why are so many people only making videos to become rich or popular on YouTube. What happened to just making your videos because you love filming the stuff you do? I see so many threads where people are asking each other how much money they make or if they are "making full time money".. I'm...
  26. Nate MeatySauce

    Gaming Looking for some fun gaming youtubers to collab with

    Hey guys so lately iv'e been wanting to meet knew people and collab on some videos. So i'm posting this to see if i can get a fun crew going on. The only things i ask as requirements is.. -Be Mature -Be funny -have a youtube channel -play on PC -And make sure your channel link works so i can...
  27. GuildFra


    How some youtubers use like conor mcgregor videos and put them in their videos and not get copyright, on the other side , there are guys who uses few seconds of that and get strike what is the problem ? And how youtubers make reaction videos without getting copyright strike ? Any answer is...
  28. bryan94c


  29. S

    Gaming I'm looking for a group of YouTubers to play with

    I have 112 subs and I'm looking for a group of YouTubers to play with on PS4 the games that I currently have are GTA 5, Uncharted 4, Call of Duty Black ops 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered, Killing Floor 2 Black light retribution, battlefield 1, and destiny. I'm looking to find a group...
  30. LivingWithTheGuzmans