1. K

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone in the UK (London, Essex, Hertfordshire area)??

    Looking to make some more localish friends! Even if we don't end up collabing or we don't have similar style videos I'd like to meet some like minded content creators and talk through twitter or skype or something! :) It gets a bit tiring youtubing without many people to talk to about it!
  2. B

    300,000 Subs Views 55,752,437 Watch Time - 3,948 years 141 days

    HEY ALL, just found this forum, its been a hard ride over the last 4 years working on the channel, but im happy to announce we have reached 300,000 subscribers with some crazy stats to go with it. Not sure if we can link here but check out our channel "Brainwave Power Music"
  3. Daisyah

    Thoughts on "Story Time" ?

    SOOO this has been bugging me so much. ALL OF THESE YOUTUBERS love clickbait. Like I am honestly so sick of seeing "almost got kidnapped." or anything under those lines. They put clickbait titles then you watch their video and they vaguely talk about the title of the video. It's annoying af and...
  4. P

    Gaming I'm looking for youtubers to play my video game

    Hi I'm a game developer, I'm looking for youtubers who wants to play my new video game. I will offer you some promotion attaching your gameplay in all my zones and the full version of the video game when it is completed. If you are interested, contact me!: Thank you very much!
  5. AMX Gaming

    Casino Of Death | The Sexy Brutale

    Today we take a look at an indie horror, mystery, murder game called The Sexy Brutale this is something new for this channel but it should be a lot of fun. About This Game Welcome to the Mansion! All the guests are being murdered — horribly! — at this extravagant masquerade party set all...
  6. AMX Gaming

    She Wants Me | Sakura Magical Girls | Tuesdays With Senpai

    It's Tuesdays With Senpai and Sakura Magical Girls Is Back, the horrible voice acting returns with it as well, we meet a new girl that also wants to sucker us into helping her save the city from the ghostly spirits. An old friend return even better and sexier, seems she is willing to do whatever...
  7. AMX Gaming

    Yandere Simulator | Worst Assassin Ever | Tuesdays With Senpai

    Hello everybody Yandere Simulator is back and in this game play you guys will see why i may just be the worst assassin, thief and possibly player that has ever played yandere simulator lol. We give mission mode an attempt...well a few actually, this is something new to me where we are given a...
  8. M

    Short Film "New Film Ideal"

    Need actors for film. Also needs to be able to meet in Rome, Ga for short film shoot. If you would like to be in it contact me at for more info.
  9. ToyBoxMagic

    10 million channel (total) views

    So excited to announce that yesterday, our channel hit 10 million total channel views!! :dance::woohoo!:
  10. AMX Gaming

    The Crow's Eye | The Mystery Begins

    Hi guys amx here, today we start a blind run on the crow's eye a first-person psychological terror game. We control a young man trapped in the abandoned crowsood university. The complex story is narrated through documents, recordings, and radio, which tell the experiences of policemen and...
  11. AMX Gaming

    Why Do You Want To Kill Me? | Husk #3

    We continue with husk and things get very scary. As we move deeper in the town, we come across infected zombies that want to kill me, we must get to the police station and find out what secret lies there, before it's too late Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  12. Tariq Kent


    I made a little skit on what YouTuber's do while making videos! Check it out!
  13. Christie Levine

    Meet Up/Gathering Any youtubers in the Bay Area interested in collabs?

    I'm a brand new youtuber and wanted to grow my community and I was wondering if there were any Youtubers that would be interested in doing a collab? If you are please let me know!
  14. Matias Gomez

    Vlog Anyone Want to Collab In LA?

    Was up HairyNation. So I will travelling to the beautiful city on LA. From the 12-19 of March. If you want to see what I am all about, my name on YT is TheHairyPrankster. I do a range of videos. I am just trying grow my channel. I was thinking in doing a public video or interviews with people...
  15. RubberDorky

    Meet Up/Gathering Los Angeles Collab | YouTubers

    Hey there Plain and simple I wanna meet more people that are work focused AND do YouTube! I've got challenges and vlogs on the brain and if you want to do similar stuff you should hmu. I live in Cerritos, which is in the Long Beach area of Los Angeles. I've got transportation, cameras, etc...
  16. cruiseWeekTV

    Youtuber all expenses paid cruise oppertunity

    Our cruiseweek season 2 is coming up October 29th 2017 and we are looking for 1 youtuber or liveblogger to join the cast in a week long 1st time experience on Carnival cruise lines flagship the Carnival vista. we are NOT looking for youtubers with millions of subscribers but more one with an up...
  17. CamachoGaming

    Gaming LOOKING for LOVELY youtubers to collab with and do HILARIOUS GAMING videos!!

    Hey whats up guys! So as my title says, I'm looking for other youtubers like myself to do collaborations with. What better way to grow bigger than with other people who have the same goal as me? XD The style of video I make are short 10 minute funny moment clips and montages with background...
  18. ImLeek

    Gaming XB1 Youtuber Collabs

    Hey guys this thread is for xbox one players who are youtubers looking for collabs to help grow their channel. My gamertag is Ma1ique And if you would consider it go check out my channel, comment( i really need feedback) and subscribe if you like what you see My Channel name is ImLeek
  19. TheMadHatter

    Gaming Looking for 18+ year old gamers to play with mostly PC Gmod, Dead by daylight & many more

    Hey i want some cool people to colab with need to be 18+ have xbox or pc and must have a good mic Hit me up ill add you on skype we can see if we fit :) i have tons of games and can get more i like shooters have minecraft and some party games like ultimate chicken horse <- very fun
  20. darkstarmedia

    Underrated YouTubers?

    I'm pretty sure, if prompted, we could make an extensive list of YouTubers we feel are "overrated", who don't live up to the hype surrounding them, all that nonsense. But I'm not here to talk about that. I want positivity! We've all (probably) subscribed to someone who makes groundbreaking...
  21. Tuurngait Gaming

    Should smaller YouTubers make their videos shorter?

    Hello I'm Tuurngait! So I've been wondering... should small YouTubers make their videos shorter than usual? My thoughts behind this are: Less people will be watching your content, so if you keep it at a short range of 5-8 or so minutes, a person new to your channel might be more tempted to...
  22. Maarij Bashir

    Why Big youtubers have MCN?

    Reading through these forums I just read that MCN are bad and must be avoided. Yet there are big youtubers that are signed to those MCN. This doesn't really make sense to me. Is it about how much money they make on their channel.
  23. S

    Meet Up/Gathering YouTubers around the Indianapolis Area

    I make public prank videos, comedy skits, and other comedy related videos. I have other types of videos I would like to do, but preferably in the future. I need a cameraman mostly, but it would be better if I knew other people who want to make Youtube videos weekly as well. - Much love
  24. Steko.Corey

    Vlog Portland Oregon Youtubers PDX

    Hey guys, We are a couple that live in Portland and work in Corvallis, OR. We are restaruant owners and work tirelessly to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. We recently became very intrigued and interested in the YT life. We vlog 2 times a week. Although we enjoy videoing nearly...
  25. R

    Gaming 18+ Youtubers Group/Collab (PC, Xbox One)

    Looking for a group of guys/girls to do some fun collabs with on pc or xbox one. I play all sorts of game but as of right now I'm playing Forza Horizon 3, Overwatch and going to be playing Titan Fall 2 when its released! You can add me on Xbox One (Omo Beerus) or on steam @ RhynoGaming. Not sure...
  26. R

    Gaming Xbox One Collab!!!!!!

    I'm a fairly new YouTuber looking for a group of other youtubers to collab with. Some games I play right now are Overwatch, Forza Horizon 3, Titan Fall 2 (When it comes out). I'm up to play most games as long as we can have fun playing them. Preferably looking for people who are at least 18+ and...
  27. Scandinavian Freckles

    My favorite youtubers !!

    Hi everyone !! Thought that I would do a video telling you guys a little bit about the youtubers that I like, they are all pretty known youtubers but I did link some smaller youtubers in the description box that are also really awesome :) !! I would love it if you checked the video out :)...
  28. RelativeYTrends

    Is this the right way?

    I'm trying experimenting new type of videos like this.. i know i have to add voice in some part to improve the video.. other improvement i can do? (especially with editing or other things)
  29. Branden Morales


    A pure joy with this vid! Enjoy (;
  30. J


    I finally reached 5000 views! Not sure how cool that is, in comparison to a lot of other small YouTubers, but this is awesome for me! I upload like once a week so it's been a slow burn. Next up is 200 subscribers!